Saturday, December 27, 2008

One of my many frequent updates...

Yes i do suck. I know. I think I just honestly just kept forgetting to update here. It's not from lack of internet or anything. I think I've just been lazy with my blog. And, I'm not all too sure what to write about, there is so much to tell. It's difficult to catagorize it all and actaually write it down. Another reason I probably haven't updated is because I've been keeping a diary, so I actually have written about every single day so far, three weeks worth and half of my journal is full.
Alright so, France:

I stand by saying that the first part of my trip was the best part, when i was with seven other girls on exchange. Honestly it was one of the most amazing times of my LIFE, just being in Paris with these girls i wasn't necessarily close to before hand (NOW is a different story), eating in french cafes and creating a list of all our funny/hilarious/embarrasing moments while together. I don't have it with me here, another girl was in charge of it (yes, it's that important to us, we have to have someone to 'guard the list' haha).

But inclusive in the list is
- Me falling UP the stairs at the virgin megastore, standing up and then proceeding to fall again
- Gigantic strawberry candy
- Drunk Santa Clauses on the Champs Elysee, walking around with their beards half on and asking if anyone would give them a cigarette
- Being called sluts in a supermarket
- Our teacher being spoken to at the airport by the police (we thought this to be hilarious)
- Dragging ourselves downstairs to the hotel restaurant on the first night after not sleeping for FOURTY hours, our excuse being "We have to go down because Mr Luscombe (our teacher) will be eating alone".
- Our teacher not coming to dinner because he fell asleep
- Being on the Eiffle Tower, right at the top, and not being able to see anything because it started SNOWING!!
- Being frozen because of said snow and walking around in circles for 20 minutes trying to find a cafe and thus the Hot Chocolate

Those are the ones i can remember, we have many more, most of them inside jokes that require further explanation, but The List is awesome. I might make a vlog about it when i get back home in THREE WEEKS. I'm halfway through, and happy about that. The rest of my France trip hasn't been as fantastic, but still quite fun after the first week (i had intense homesickness then, and just being in a strange home in a different country made it quite hard to cope). I'll (hopefully) write another blog about daily french life or something next week, if i remember lol.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

En France

Bonjour tous les mondes,
I seriously don't know where to begin, so far france is amazing. A lot to get used to though, everything is different. Most of this is good different, the food for example. The cold isn't. It was -2 degrees celcius this morning, so ahhh, freezing. I wont type a long blog today because i really need to get used to this keyboard, it's azerty instead of qwerty and really confusing. More details to come.

à bien tot

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick Update


I think I've packed everything. I hope so. Don't really want to forget anything.... but i'll just have to deal with that. I've got about 8 books that I'm taking with me, possibly two more depending on whether I finish them before I leave or not. Ohhh, one of those is Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling, I urge everyone to go out and buy it. Proceeds go to charity, and it is just amazing. I've read about two of the short stories so far and I love it. Now I'm rambling, this was supposed to be short and sweet.

I was asked how I went on exams: quite well. Considering I didn't study for my year 11 exams, only for my year 12 one, i got satisfactory marks. Except, I got an A in English, which is a good thing, sure, except I'd wanted to NOT get an A, because i made a deal with myself that I would drop English and only take Literature next year unless I got an A (because it was unlikely, I'm usually a B student when it comes to English). So grrrr. It probably sounds stupid to say I want to drop a subject that i'm moderately good at, but English in Victoria is a terrible course, compared to Literature. I find the latter so incredibly worth while. Ah well, I'll just have to do both.

And now I shall stop writing and go read and then sleep and then go to the airport and the board a plane to Singapore and then board another plane to France.

I'll update when I can!!! BYEBYE!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Failure and France

So I've decided that there's no possible way that I'll be able to finish nanowrimo by the end of the month, or even this year. I'm incredibly mad at myself for not being more dedicated lately, though I know I have good excuses, some which I'll talk about here. I'm sorry to anyone who has been reading my progress, but I really can't continue with it right now.

I'm leaving for France on exchange for six weeks in one week from tomorrow. Regarding this, I'm terrified, excited, apprehensive, sad, and probably every other adjective existing - yet those are the main ones. As you can see only one of those is actually positive, but i would like to point out that excited for me is a huge emotion. Last week I had my exams, during which I still wrote quite a bit, but that's where I began to falter. I thought I would have time to finish my novel this week, but as it turns out, I've been unceasingly busy every single day and won't have any time at all until I leave. Sitting down and trying to write now has just been a nightmare, I suddenly had a huge headache, and looking at my word count of only 27,200 words, I knew I couldn't continue with the time frame I have. So there.

Basically, I've been in the city everyday this week, except Monday when I had a three hour English exam. Tuesday i had the most wonderful time with my beloved cousin Elisa in the city, yesterday I had Speech Night (A night that rewards hard working students and punishes the others with incredibly long speeches and singing which is such a high key it hurts to sing), I've been catching up with friends before I leave, exchanging euros, tomorrow I'll be participating in a coffee-making course which will hopefully look nice and pretty on my resume, then getting a hair cut (eep), this weekend I'm seeing more friends, then monday getting exams back and more friends, tuesday hopefully hopefully seeing Chris, then carols service rehersals wednesday, then seeing a pre-screening of twilight (which I would have missed because I leave before it actually comes out), then thursday is the last day of school (which is a half day), then going into the city to buy beedle the bard, and then Friday I am LEAVING.

That is a sum up of the past four days and of the next seven in front of me. Excluding the small details of course, but it's a lot. So I'm quite stressed at the moment, plus the whole leaving the country thing, and the person that I want to talk to most is far away and it's difficult to talk to them at the moment, because of certain circumstances. So I'm trying to deal, but it's hard.

And now I'm going to post this.

I'd like to clarify that I'm definitely going to be posting blogs while I'm in France, so if you all want to read about that, then you can =] hope you do. Sorry this is so long.

you blink. the day comes. you leave.

Monday, November 17, 2008

as yet unknown

(I was going to change the title after i'd written this but I think i'll leave it. =])

So in explanation of my last post: at the time I was going through the torture that we call exams. And am still going through it. November 13th I had my legal studies exam, which honestly is the only one i care about because it was the only exam that actually counts. It's a 3/4 subject at year 12 level, so it was quite important. I won't go into the complexities of the Australian (well, Victorian) Schooling System if you aren't Australian because then your mind will probably explode. Speaking of people's heads exploding, I've gotten myself a couple of extra followers recently *waves*.

I've come to the conclusion that facebook is a great deal more stalkerish than twitter, and somehow i have started to use it heaps recently. I did not want this to happen. I'd finally managed to break my Myspace addiction (i barely ever go on it now) because i decided that Youtube and Twitter were enough, but apparenly my mind needs to be addicted to more than two sites at one time. Yay me?

Nano is going ok, I have about 20,000 words which is great! I need to get to thirty thousand soon though or I will be incredibly behind. And then I get to write another 20,000 words!! This really is hard. Is anyone else doing Nanowrimo?? I want to know if anyone has actually found it easy. I've reached a point in my novel where i'm completly out of my comfort zone and have to actually be creative. Oh dear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My inner Eco-Nerdfighter is angry at the rest of me

So when I did work experience in year 10, I learned a lot. I went to the office of public prosecutions (which is a law firm), and spent a week going to court with random lawyers, i saw criminals up close, met an actual judge in his chambers (that's really rare for people on work experience. I'm special =]. I was terrified at first, because I'd just seen him at work, ruling on a couple of Appeals, and he was SO intimidating. But then I met him and he was really nice. Judges put the mean face on to scare the criminals), got taken around the County Court after hours with that same judge's Associate, whose name was Zero (I'm not joking), was made to spend one of the days in the law firm's legal library and research something that I can't remember, and discovered that lawyers are the sole reason that all the trees in the world are cut down for paper. I'm dead serious, the lawyer i was with for that week had literally piles of huge folders filled with pages and pages of reports and cases etc. I was actually shocked.

The point of my story is, the reason we are having the whole environmental-paper-shortage is because of lawyers. And VCE students. Such as me.

Ironically, what I printed out (about 20 pages front/back) were practice Legal Studies examinations.

Now I must get back to work, my exam is TOMORROW and feel like I've been working forever, and that I haven't gotten anywhere with my study. =[ I'll be glad when it's all finished.

Oh and I'm really happy with how my nanowrimo is turning out ^_^ Once this exam is over, I'm going to put a lot more effort into it. The problem with my plot is that, it would have been much better to do in like, 10 years when i've read more books. And had time to research properly. Ah well, I'll just wing it.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm sitting in the state library in Melbourne, in the weird science section because it's the only place where I could find a little work station thing. It's raining and I can hear it even though this room is huge. I love that sound.

The weather is reflecting my mood perfectly, and if it's going to continue to do so, then Melbourne, don't be expecting any sunshine until around January. If things work out.

I'm absolutely elated that Obama is the president-elect, though I am fuming at whatever idiots decided to vote YES on prop 8, it seriously made me lose faith for the portion of humanity who can't get off their high horses and realise that times are changing. The good thing is that if we keep going and developing as a whole society, in ten years prop 8 will be abolished anyway, because acceptance of people's choices WILL come. It just needs time to settle.

I apologise if you supported prop 8, but then again, no, im not sorry.

Oh, hello thunder.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Caved In

Despite it being the worst time POSSIBLE to be writing anything but Legal Studies work, I've decided to start NaNoWriMo this year. I was mucking around on Word last night with something I'd written once just to let frustration out, and I ended up editing it, then just kept going. :S. So now I have a prologue and chapter 1 made up of 1,901 words. And a tentative name: Silver Sky. That will change, it's way too silly, but it makes sense for the moment. So, I will like to ask nicely^_^ if you want, can you pleeease to take a look at what I've done so far, and if you enjoy, follow my progress? A little input would be really great, let me know if it's a dud cause then I will have a good excuse to stop an concentrate on actual school work. Which is what I'm going to go and do now.

But if you want to take a look, here is Silver Sky

The stars sing, immobilized in the sky. Flecks of light dotting an endless black sea that hides more secrets possible than the mortal mind could ever imagine. We are, after all, just another speck of light, floating in nothing but hidden thoughts and closed minds. The mysteries we seek live out of reach, closed off by boundaries of a thousand years.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paper Towns

No spoilers =]

It is mandatory that everyone who exists on earth should read this book. Paper Towns by John Green. If you don't I will somehow force you to and instead of being angry at me for making you read something you don't want to read you will be so happy that all your bitter feelings towards me will leave and you will forever be thankful to have read such an amazing book. That was not supposed to be one whole sentence. I am so tired, I was reading for I-Don't-Know-How-Many-Hours straight and my eye lids are currently having a furious battle with my actual eyes who are saying, "No! You must write a blog about Paper Towns to tell people how awesome it is and then watch the rest of Act 1 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog," and my eye lids are like, "No! You must go to sleep because that awesome book that you just read made you really tired as generally reading for that amount of time makes you sleepy."

If I can actually get out what I want to say about this book without falling asleep right at the keyboard, all I know is that when I finished Paper Towns I looked at life from a whole new perspective. I can't even believe that only a couple of hours ago I pictured all that I know differently. Amazing how something such as a book can change everything. I love it more than Looking for Alaska, which until today was my absolute favorite book apart from Harry Potter. The fact that John Green and J.K Rowling are both my heros is saying something, as Jo Rowling has brought me so much in life through her writing and the fandom that she created. John Green ( and Hank of course) have brought me that as well. I am a Nerdfighter, as so many Youtubers are as well. Knowing that I share something like that with thousands of people, even if I only have spoken to an incredibly small portion, awes me. The thing with nerdfighters is that we all understand each other; we share something. It's hard to explain the whole concept to someone who isn't a nerdfighter, as the "Made of Awesome" theory is something that at times can sound strange to a non-nerdfighter.

With John Green, reading takes on a new perspective. I'm serious, please read his book.

If you have already, then YAY! You should understand perfectly what I am talking about.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lesson Learned??

Never, EVER start a book that you know will be excellent when you are in the middle of an exam/solo/life crisis.

'Cause you know what will happen my faithful (hopefully =P) blogreaders? You will NOT put it down and read until TWO in the morning therefore getting less than FIVE hours sleep and be registered as "out of it" for the rest of the day. You will then precede to go home and finish said book, reading all afternoon, because you understand that if you never finish it, then it will be pulling at you and just keep drawing you back until the last page is turned.

The book is finished, and then there is a huge weight off your chest. Return to normal routine.

10:00pm you realize that there is a history assignment due tomorrow that you haven't started, because it's the type of thing that can be done last minute, but that isn't advised.

...And still haven't started, as this blog post is being created. Now going to get another -5 hours sleep after finishing the project.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Or more importantly,

Dear websites such as Youtube and Myspace who use CAPTCHA,

I hate you. Yes, I will be that blunt in a hypothetical letter because, my darling, you make me angry. Not only do you frustrate me beyond recognition, you waste my time. Half of my life (...internet life) is spent attempting to decipher your incredulous letters, your unrecognizable word-mazes in their plain bold writing that is mangled beyond the feeble computer intellect. Time and time again you appear to me, and each of those times I have a desperate, exhausting need to reach through the pixels displayed on screen and tenderly crush you.
As I catch that first glimpse of your random numerals and letters and attempt to take you on for the first time, I can feel the haste in my fingers, wanting to dispose of you like a garbage truck would dispose of rubbish. I want to put away with you, like a mother getting so tired of informing her child to clean their room that she gives in and does it herself. Alas, like there is always that forgotten rubbish bin pushed over and unable to be collected and like there is the obvious fact that no matter how many times you will clean my room mother dearest, it will always get messy again, the CAPTCHA will always return. Sometimes it will return immediately, to laugh at the errors that are made and add irony to the already dire situation. On occasion it will happen a third time, and *shudder* possibly a fourth. It has a mocking nature, captcha.

It makes one wonder, does this stupid contraption honestly believe that I am a spammer? That I am a robot program or a hacker, or just an insensitive prick who spams people's channels/pages? When have I EVER shown that? What on earth have I done to you to deserve this horrific punishment?

Or, more importantly, WHY?????????????

As my frustration leaves me through this letter, so must I now leave you.

I hope you die,

Love, Olivia.

ahem. This is the product of me having to write the CAPTCHA four times while trying to log into myspace. Its had it coming. Now if you will excuse me, I have to mails this.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new life story:

Liv is a retired country folk singer who now lives in a house on a hill with 14 cats.

While she was growing up, she said that her dream occupation was to be a fairy but after realizing that after the age of 7 that was socially unacceptable, she settled for wanting to be a vet, specializing in custom-coloured dogs. This business idea fell through.

She then aspired to break the Guinness World Record for walking from one side of Australia to another with her eyes closed, but was beaten by a Russian who had a better sense of direction.

Liv likes four-leaf-clovers, odd socks, fast bicycles and subscribers.

Hahaha. That's what you will find on my channel now.

I was bored, alright??

Sunday, October 19, 2008

parents hdskhkhdskjfhsjdkfhkjsd


I feel like I've been a tad lazy with my blog. But it's been less than a week since my last post so... not THAT lazy.

If you noticed the title then you may know where this is going. Or not. You might just be thinking that I was going to write another word after 'parents' and instead seemed to have missed the appropriate keys. What I of course meant in the title was parents UKIFGKEJSHGJFSFHJKSF.


Anyway, last night my family attended my aunt's 50th birthday, which I didn't mind because my awesome AWESOME cousin is a member of this family and I try to see her whenever I can, because she is busy with Uni and I'm busy at school so generally we see each other at family gatherings. It's good to see my other cousin too, the cutie.
We arrived to a bunch of already-drunk adults dressed in old school uniforms and jump-suits (the party was themed 'wear something from the past') and found my cousins crowded around where all the food was (meaning we got to everything first and I discovered my love for tiny food servings that were pretty much a mouth orgasm... mmmmm.) When we got bored with the food we decided to go out to the back room and talk. The talk didn't last long because Pretty Woman was on tv. Such a good movie! Richard Gears is HOT. Ok.

At the end of the night my parents rounded me and my sister up, looking quite drunk. I offered to drive home but apparently mother was not THAT drunk. My step-father was apparently, and when he gets drunk he loves to tell me and my sister what annoying bitches we are and told us we weren't welcome in his house (no joke). Anyway, I'm not going to say anymore. He apologized, and I got my foot cut by running away from the house at 1:30am and taking off my high heels so that I wouldn't make any noise. Probably a bad idea.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

while watching the new vlogbrothers vid

I opened this window to kill time while the video finished loading. I've got about a minute left, hang on a sec.

Lol. I love Hank. Here's a link if you actually haven't heard of vlogbrothers before. Its a good video to start with. Although you might have to actually do a bit of catching up, but you will be a Nerdfighter in no time!!

I can't even remember what I opened this for in the first place. I know I wanted to write a quick blog before I went and read a little. Last night I got to this really awesome part of the book I'm reading, the 6th Wheel of Time, and I had to stop because I'd already read far too late and it just kept getting better and better.

I think I'll watch that video again and then go right to it. yus.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

While I Procrastinate

Productivity so far: an hour and fifteen minutes

Discovered that "To Do" lists are incredibly helpful

Decided that studying for History can wait till tomorrow

Trying to figure out what the hell to do for my Drama Solo. Have the topic. Have no fuking idea.

Thinking I'm going to move on to Literature now. I enjoy it

Probably will go sleep for a little while before I have to babysit tonight

Monday, October 6, 2008

And It Begins

School holidays end tonight. Sigh. While they thankfully didn't go too fast, I'm definitely not looking forward to going back. Then again, fourth term always goes really quickly, which is a good and a bad thing. Good because, then school finishes for the year and we get summer holidays for two months. Bad because exams will be upon me in a flash and as soon as this term is over it means that I will be in year 12 which scares the hell out of me. I really wish i could just skip next year and go straight to Uni. But everyone else has had to do it, and so do I. If next year goes as fast as this year I will be incredibly thankful.

I really hope I can to sleep before 2:00am. Urgh. And I have to get up at 7:00. It really is beginning.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


After two weeks of sleeping in until 11 (or 2pm...) and going to sleep from between 1 and 4 am, as you can imagine my sleep system is probably screwed up majorly. This fact has just been proved to me.

Daylight savings is my worst enemy. Clocks were put forward an hour. I went to bed normal time for me on holidays (say around 1:30am?? so quite early really) and had to wake up at 7:00 which was technically 6:00 because the clocks were put forward. This means that an hour was skipped, and therefore i got less than five hours sleep. I just worked this out now. It explains the physical and psychological pain that i am experiencing right now. And, like an idiot, I drank coffee on the way home from the beach house (the reason i had to get up so early - step-dad had to go to work or something) and am unable to sleep. BUT I WANT TO SO MUCH :(.

So I can actually feel the battle my brain is having right now between the caffeine and whatever part makes you want to sleep. someone please helpp meee.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This blog is inspired by my trip to Borders today. Walking around the endless rows of hard covers and paperbacks, and dodging through the piles of over-ordered literature on the floor, I pretty much planned out what I was going to write right there. Let's see if I can remember it all.

The first thing I did was actually go and check to see if there were any John Green books at that particular Borders. It's actually the same store that I bought Looking for Alaska from, because I unfortunately couldn't find it everywhere when I was trying to actually read it. There was one copy of Alaska there, which made me incredibly mad (unless of course there had been numerous copies sold out and there was just one left...) because that book - and Katherines too - deserves it's own bookcase display. It is amazing. We don't even have Katherines published in Australia yet. If I ever get to work in a book store (it's seriously my dream part-time job) then I will MAKE SURE that tons and tons of people buy it. Anyway, I then went to the computer to search for Paper Towns, and I found out that the Audio book is available for pre-order, but not the actual paperback. wtf man, wft.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to go to Borders today was to buy Wheel of Time 7, 'cause I'm flying through the 6th and I love to have the next book handy, then I can just go on without any problems. Now, most Borders are pretty huge, this particular one in Chadstone Shopping Center is on three levels, basically the size of a small school. In fact it's probably the same size as my school :S. lol. You'd think that it's size would hold pretty much every book imaginable (it's size really could hold all that). I went to the science fiction section and spent quite a while trying to find Robert Jordan (I suck at finding authors - yes, i know the alphabet, I just always skip the author that I'm looking for. And RJ was right up on the top shelf... hard to seeeeeee) and once i found him, there were about 10 copies of the first wheel of time, one copy of the 8th, 9th and 11th and about 10 copies of the prequel. ARGHH. Walking around later, I discovered that Borders tends to stock multiple copies of Authors that are big NOW, which is fair enough, but when they have so many copies of an Author's books that they make a stack on the floor that i could quite comfortable sit on... well, it seems a bit ridiculous to me. Not that I don't love seeing about 100 copies of all of Jodi Picoult's books around Borders. My point is, they shouldn't stock so many books of one Author and not for others. I don't care if that particular Author isn't exactly popular, or used to be and now people are getting sick of their books/everyone already has them. One day someone is going to want to buy that book, and it won't be there on account of the numerous copies of The Secret River taking up all the space (i HATE that book with a passion. We had to read it for school last year, andfor some insane reason it is (apparently) popular. AUSTRALIAN HISTORY IS BORING AND HOLDS NOTHING OF INTEREST. WHY WOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT IT????? sorry. i just really hated that book. It hurt me to see it there on display it it's multiple glory) . Yes we could order the book into the shop... but that usually takes so long. Days, sometimes weeks. I guess instead we will just have to buy a copy of The Secret River because, you know, it's there. I just really wanted the seventh book. *pouts*

Not that I left empty handed. Oh no. I kind of have a book-buying addiction. Which is fine, I would rather have that than say an addiction to clothes (i need new ones actually :S I haven't bought any clothes in a while) or CD's (i just find books more worthwhile than CDs *cough*Limewire*cough*) but I then always end up with a whole lot of books that need to be read. Not a bad thing either, but, well, cause I'm reading Wheel of Time, and am only onto the 6th book, I'm only halfway there. Oh well, I do love it that i know I will never be without anything to read.
I ended up buying Wicked, cause even though I haven't seen the musical live (watched it online) I've heard it is a great book. I also bought Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult ( i love, love, LOVE her books. I would definitely recommend her, she keeps your stomach in this tight clench until litterally the last page. In suspense, not fear btw) and I got The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, recommended by Rohan ^_^. I really want to read them already. argh. I just need to get through Wheel of Time. I hate stopping in mid series because I never end up going back to read them, and then forget, and then have to start all over again.

P.S I just got this comment on my HP pwns LOTRs video:

Dumbledore is gay, and he is dumb thats why they say "Dumb"ledore
, Gandalf is a badass, Dumbledore just hags out with fucking kids, Gandalf killed a Balrog

lol. Really??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I haven't really been motivated to write a blog lately.

And I'm still not. Goodnight.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


My suitcase is staring at me. It knows that I haven't done what I'm supposed to. BUT I HATE PUTTING THINGS AWAY :(.

Alright. Fine. Whatever. I'll go do it.

p.s. The new facebook (I still hate it...) has convinced me that pirate english is amazing and we should all talk like that from now on. We should just get rid of normal English completely. It would be so fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

lolz and cringe moments

What will be in a video to come, today Mitto and I discovered that together we tend to take the simplest conversations and then adapt normal situations, making them sound very very wrong. What fun we have.

In other news, I am going home TOMORROW. yayayayayayayayay. Hopefully we won't be stuck at the airport longer than the actual duration of the flight this time. That would be nice. If that's the case and our flight is delayed, then I am going to be incredibly grumpy as the airport at the Gold Coast doesn't exactly have a nice little lounge with free food/wireless. It's more of a big room with rows and rows of blue upholstered chairs and screaming snotty nosed children abusing their parents. I have my reasons for not liking that airport. Oh look, here comes a story.

Last time I was up at the Gold Coast, which was January I think, my mother, sister and I were having a small lunch to pass time while waiting for our flight. There was little choice of restaurants, two little cafes to be exact. Choosing the one that seemed more appealing (we were so wrong), we went over and ordered at the cramped counter. I chose some sort of "fresh" sandwich from the fridge. After eating half of said sandwich, I took a bite of the second half, and felt something crunch. Looking down, I realized to my horror that there was a SPIDER stuck between the lettuce and chicken. As you can imagine, with my being a girl, and not being all too friendly with spiders, I screamed and then went on to say "ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..." The only good thing we got out of this experience was a full refund and choice of anything free from the cafe. I chose packeted goods, not wanting anything "fresh". Urgh. Spiders taste disgusting by the way.

As you can see I'm being a very good girl and updating my blogs regularly. I've recently changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox because Explorer has crashed on me for the last time. And now I have Blogger right up there, bookmarked so it's always there, taunting me, wanting me to write another blog. Hooray.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this blog is untitled

It's untitled not because I'm going to talk about a controversial issue, which is what I usually notice are untitled (I could, but honestly I can't be bothered. Unless someone wants to give me a topic? That might be fun) but because I can't think of a title for a blog that will probably be mundane and totally irrelevant to anything of importance. Mainly I would rather just like to continue updating this frequently, I am actually doing a pretty good job of that, right? Yeah. Yay me.

So yesterday I met up with some lovely youtubers of the names
Mitto and Rohan. It was fun - a day better spent talking about youtube and books and random fun things. There was a video taken. We talk about possibly whoring ourselves out to Donut King. Yay. Of course these two are not irrelevant. They are of course very relevant. And very nice. =]

Today was a boring day for me, bought a new dress and totally embarrassed myself in a fish and chip shop. I tripped over and dropped tomato sauce over people. Yeah. But, I'm way too used to be a clutz to let it get to me... (i wanted to go and wait in the car to stop people looking at me but my step-dad told me i have to face the angry people and not be a silly little girl =[ )

One more day and then i get to go hommmmmmee!!!!! omg. so happy =D QLD is fun but i miss the coldness and busyness of Victoria


Monday, September 22, 2008


my face might be sunburned. i haven't looked to see, but it feels like it

i went on rides that lasted a total of about 30 seconds per ride and stood for ages in line waiting for said rides

my feet hurt from standing

there is a baskin robins right near where we are staying. not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. i will probably go there multiple times

the weather is a mix of really really warm and thunderstorms. either way I'm happy

i want to go home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


There are cute kids next to me playing computer games. Awww.

I'm waiting for the internet to come back on here, cause while it is working, it is being mean to me and only letting me connect occasionally. Evil thing.
You would think that by now I would be in the Gold Coast right? Nope. Stuck at the airport drinking bad coffee and playing card games with my family. The Flight was delayed for 3 hours, which is great. But, we get to use the Qantas lounge which means free wireless (when it works) and free food and drink. And its quite comfortable, so it’s not too bad.

Concerning the card games: I got a royal flush just before. Pity we weren’t even playing poker. Going to go and try and put this up now

yay. worked.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going Away

Hello =]

Just a short blog to say that I'm going away to the Gold Coast for a week (that reminds me: I need to pack. At some point would be nice). I'm sad because its a really hard time for me to be going away right now and I'd rather be spending time with someone else rather than my family (who are lovely people *cough* but a week interstate with them will be interesting), which will consist of my step-dad, mother, step-brother and my sister. Those two are the same age, and therefore get along. I don't have any friends up there so it will be me and my books and my holiday homework. yay. These trips usually are fun for the first two days or so before they tend to drive me insane. At least it's only for a week. Just a week.

On another note: HELL YES I AM ON HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! Today was the last day of term three, and I really really really need a break from school. Although, I've been enjoying it quite a bit lately. Mainly because of Literature, which is a fucking amazing subject with the most awesome teacher in the history of teachers. I am so glad that I gave up maths for it, I realize now how it was making school so horrible for me, I'm just so extremely happy now.
Drama has been awesome too. Our little depressing play was fun, even though I'm not close with any of the girls in my class. We all are kind of civil towards each other but not friends, none of us really. It's strange, but it's fun. Although, we were just given our solo topics, and they are so difficult :S. There was only one that appealed to me, concerning "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which, if you haven't heard of, is an Australian story about three girls who go missing and it's this whole crazy mystery thing. So i thought that would be interesting to do. I have to read the novel now, which is something I've been wanting to read anyway, so yay. If it's as depressing as the movie then it will be... interesting. Having a girl commit suicide by jumping off a roof into a greenhouse is pretty much my strongest memory from that movie. It's been years since I saw it. And this just turned out wayyyy longer than i thought it would. Cool

p.s. I wrote this whole blog while listening to music. I think I've overcome my incompetence of blogging while listening ^_^. Although, in all probability, I'll read over this and discover that it makes no sense.

See you all in a week!

Today was really good. Even though it was for a small amount of time. I can't wait to see you again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog from the Beach

I wonder how coherently i can type while blasting music through my headphones so that i don't have to listen to my sister's horrible taste in music (and Chris if you are reading this and are about to tell me that my own music is crap, i know already, shutup =P.). Yeah, its really really hard to concentrate on typing something that makes sense while listening to music, i fail at that. I can't listen to people talking to me and listen to music at the same time either lol. And now the music has made me forget what i was going to type here. great. It was probably something about my week, which was intense by the way. Can't be bothered going into detail for this blog that no one reads anyway, its just here so that i can type about my life to myself and have something to remember the times, oh the times.

wow ok maybe i'll come back and write something that is not influenced by my Motion City Soundtrack addiction. not that any of this is influenced by Motion City Soundtrack. I 'Can't finish what [I] started', which would be this blog.

haha. that was :P. LAMEEEE.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not quite sure where this one will turn out...

Oh hi. I just kinda went to my blog, clicked the "new post" button, and found myself typing. Um. I really don't have anything to write about, sometimes i just find myself places that and don't know how i got there. Like today for example, (if you follow me on twitter you might know where this is heading) i got lost. Now, sure, many of us get lost from time to time, but apparently im such an idiot i'll get lost about 5 streets and a main road away from my house. I guess it wasn't really lost, cause i knew how to get out of there, but i toook about 3 wrong turns hoping to make a short cut and ended up in a dead end having to re-trace my steps to find my way home. i really do hate my sense of direction. or lack of. 

there we go, a perfectly good blog post. that was fun, just diving in not knowing where it would be heading. i may do it again sometime. Ok, now my eyes are seriously closing on their own. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guitars and Vampires.

I'm taking a break from my guitar (have I said that I got a guitar on this blog? well, I got one) right now to write because im in that writing mood. I'm having a lot of fun with my guitar actually - getting some progress with one song, and it doesn't sound half bad lol. Although it may sound horrible to anyone but me, in all likelyhood lol. ANNNDD I can almost play Accio Deathly Hallows!! nerdfighter-songs FTW. Thats pretty exciting. I think when I perfect the other song I've taught myself then I'll attempt to make video of it. If it fails then no one has to see it but me hehe. That reminds me, I really need to make some sort of video for my channel. One day people, one day.

I've actually been meaning to write a blog ever since I finished Midnight Sun (well up to chapter 12 anyway) because i need to write some things down about it to myself, that i thought i'd share with whoever reads this. I would say stop reading if you dont want to be spoiled, but honestly i can't give much away - well, actually, i can - but if you've read twilight then you would pretty much know the basic outline of the plot. I more just want to talk about Edward as a character anyway.

So many people (including myself) have said that Edward doesn't have a personality. Well, guess what. After reading Midnight Sun, you'll find that he does in fact have a personality... untill he lays eyes on Bella. He is in love with her to the extent of it being creepy. Sure it sounds cute having Edward watch Bella at night, but this guy is effing obsessed with her and her safetly! I thought it was bad from Bella's perspective, but his every thought is consumed with worrying that she's going to get hurt, and for most of this he has barely spoken to her.
This makes it sound like I hate the book. Nah, it was actually just as good as Twilight, it's just a little intense on that 'vampire in love' aspect. Its great to read, there are so many little pieces that are filled in that you didn't even know were missing, and it all just ties together really nicely.

When Midnight Sun is published, its going to be around 10 times more popular than Twilight, I'll tell ya. I mean, if it was damn hot seeing this vampire from Bella's perspective, then getting into his mind... wow. While, I'll admit, its all pretty much him thinking about another girl, its going to draw in the fangirls, for sure. Who wouldn't want a guy thinking those things about you? Although, becuase its actually written by a woman, its pretty unrealistic - i think i perfer real guys anyway. I've got myself a great one =]. hehe.

aaaand cease rant.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just before, i was browsing through some of my old photos in my boredom. I came across this:

Its probably not legible, but it says:

Ari and Liv's Worship List
Karl Urban
J-Dog (= Johnny Depp)
J-Log (= Jason Lewis)

Yes. Me and my best friend once decided to make a cake and write on it a list of hot celebrity men. The list is actually longer that that, but there's only so much you can fit on a cake. Haha. we have our fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008

that last post was more of a reminder to myself, not a statement.
i have got to stop being an complete and total idiot.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


i have a headache =[

i was going to tweet that but i think i tweet too much. its a goddamn obsession that needs to be cut down.

i dont even know why im here. im going to go and read a little. im supposed to have read like 3 books for school but i dont want to put aside wheel of time right now. its better than othello and the crucible and man for all seasons. but i guess considering i actually have assessments on all three of these books this week i should actually find out what they are about.

i made the font larger so it would look like i've written more hehehe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I don't understand how a simple family dinner featuring my mother, sister, two step-brothers and I always ends strangely. Like tonight, for instance, ended with mum and my sister singing songs in Italian and then trying to get everyone to dance.

no, I'm serious.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today in French

So in French today we had an assessment task that i didn't even know was on, in which we had to write around 250 words of pure french in an essay. Now, I'm not sure how many people have tried this without either being fluent or extremely good at the language, but you would probably know that its quite hard. Especially when the topic that i stupidly chose was "You are a French Director trying to pitch a Movie idea to Hollywood. Write a short story starting with the words 'Once upon a time...' as your movie idea" or something like that. So, while i would say that i can be semi-creative while writing in English, trying to come up with some sort of story in French, was soooo hard. And what did i end up with?

A story about a 6 year old boy with blue eyes and blond hair who doesn't speak at all. I named him Bruyant, which means 'loud' in french. lol. Well, i thought it sounded like a cool name. Anyway, one day Bruyant was playing with his favourite toy rabbit (named Carotte =] ) when the stuffed animal suddenly comes to life and informs little Bruyant that he must follow him to his house so that he can get his voice back. After running away scared, Bruyant decides to follow his little friend. Carotte leads him to a train station. It looks like they are going to enter... but no! They don't go to board a train as expected! Walking forward, they fall down a rabbit hole, and Bryuant, being so terribly frightened screams "NOOOOOO".

Rien (Nothing)

And then. guess what? it was all a dream :P he could speak anyway.

So, who would love to see that as a movie?? cough cough. I don't even think that story made sense in French... here's hoping.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Proud of myself ^_^

So today a revelation came to me. Hate comments on Youtube don't bother me anymore. I've just received a couple, and i was just like, meh. (!!!!). Maybe a month ago, they did really hurt but I've either just gotten used to them or just realised that about 90% or so of the feedback i get is positive, 5% is hate, and 5% is either extremely strange or just plain weird. As these statistics are made up, don't hold them against me =]. i guess I'm just happy that they don't get to me anymore. it wasn't like i broke down crying, but it still wasn't nice to see them. So, you can all go and leave me horrible comments and i wont care!! (please don't though...)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

while in english class

The only thing i can think of doing right now is writing a blog. I have already gone through myspace, facebook, twitter and read other peoples blogs. I can't really check youtube because i'm sitting in class, and i usually prefer to do all that stuff when i get home.

I did however see the thumbnail for the vlogbrothers new video. It made me laugh. It made people look at me. I had to pretend i was laughing at a quote from Othello. I cant wait to watch that video.

off to find more things to waste time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(I'm about to) Break

While I take a break from the insanity which is my study, I thought I would write stuff down here because at the moment I'm seriously on the edge of a mental breakdown. So i thought hey, better let some of those feelings out or there will be no Liv. Because Liv would then most probably jump out of her 2nd story bedroom to the perils below. And now Liv will stop talking in third person. I seriously don't know where that came from. See, i really, really, need to vent.

So, as I have no idea on what I'm actually going to write, I give you permission to leave and not actually finish this blog. Because I know that sometimes it can be like, omg, this girl is so stupid with her ramblings and her inconsequentials (I'm not even sure if that's in the right context but whatever, my blog, my grammar rules =P) ((not that I would expect you to actually stay if i didn't give permission to dont need permission to stop reading by blogs... ah lol)).

So perhaps I should start by explaining why I'm actually in this mess. Well, because I was sick alllllll of last week, I missed a ton of school, and also a SAC, which is a pretty important test in Australia cause its a year 12 level test thing and I wont go into it because that will take forever (explaining the Australian school system to non-Aussies takes a very very very long time, not that I don't actually mind doing it, its just that that's not what this blog is about). Anyway, the subject is Legal Studies, and right now I can tell you anything you want to know about Australia's adversary system, or the standard of proof, or the elements of our bail and remand system - you see my point. While I do find it really interesting, I just seriously am freaking out because it is TOMORROW and half the information does not want to stay in my head. Argh.

Plus, I am soo tired its ridiculous, I have a headache every single time I look at the word 'sanction', and i miss my boyfriend like crazy cause I haven't seen him in a week and a half and it makes me want to strangle whoever decided not to invent a cure for glandular fever.

Oh wow, that's a lot of complaining. Well, like I said, I have a lot to vent, as you can probably see. I really even feel like going into more detail (lucky for you i wont =P), but i just looked at the clock and realised that my break time is pretty much up, back to studying like an idiot. that sounds strange. hmmm.

Friday, August 8, 2008

i want more tic tacs

I have so much to talk about, so much that i want to say. But i decided that i wont actually write any of that in this blog today. Why? Because i cannot get my stupid mind to organise the information appropriately into blog form.

Instead I'll just leave you with two things.

1. the promise of a proper blog very soon

2. my love.

i hope that's all satisfactory. I'm going to go back and try and read wheel of time 5, cause i seem to keep getting distracted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sleep would be good... but im writing this instead

for you people. feel special? =]

hooray i got featured

hooray i got partnered

hooray leuke made me awesome banners =D

and to think i wasn't even going to post that video. huh.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I feel compelled...

...To write a blog. Although, i have no idea what to say. I dont like being in this position. Someone throw me a topic. Oh wait, this isnt twitter. ok then.

woops, forgot i was writing this. I was looking at my competition in the "most subscribed guru's". how sad. well I DONT CARE.

i bet your thinking "what. an. idiot". i guess i am. i swear im actually not much of a competitive person, its just those damn other gurus who post stupid videos like corageousjohnny. grrrrr.

ok someone make me stop.

Man i'm a bitch.

Friday, July 18, 2008

twitter is down. so i came here

I just saw the new twilight trailer and it makes me want to go and scream at whoever is in charge of when movies are released in Australia and tell them to give it to us on the 12th of December like the rest of the world. Not that I'd actually be in the country at that time, I'm not even sure if i'll be here when its released in January... maybe i get back from France a week after or something. By the way, i haven't mentioned this before, but I'm going on exchange to France for 6 weeks at the end of the year. Yeah.

I am so incredibly happy that its the weekend. I really feel like sleep right now, but I'm going out to dinner with the rents and siblings, oh yay. I'm not even hungry.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I Did In English Today

Expansion of power, pushing others aside
Where you are now, is because you lied
Some acceptance, but mainly disgust
They all know what you did was unjust

The cunning tricks with aim to achieve,
Forcing others to believe,
That what you gained, through stealth and deceit
Proves the only way to win, is by cheat

The stinging wrath, the burning hate
Come from jealously or created by fate
The bitter smiles and ice cold glares
Is what happens for winning Musical Chairs.

lol. obviously this started out as a serious peom, but thats what happens when i am rushed. We just had to write on the theme of Jealousy, a poem or short story or essay. yeah.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i miss you. and i hate that.

i love you. i deffinetly dont hate that.

yeah. felt like writing this. carry on everyone.

Friday, July 11, 2008

post birthday blog

~note to self. txt zoe at 12:00~

Ok, considering i've already written a huge rant today (in which i totally abused my power as a member of the staff at to state my opinion, but whatever, too many people are complaining about this awesome picture at the bottem of this post), im going to keep this short, im all typed out. So now i am officially 17, and that makes me happy, as much as im going to want to be younger in the next couple of years, at the moment i dont mind growing older. Plus, birthdays are nice, you get stuff. =]. I had more stuff to say, but i forgot just now cause i got up and forgot i was writing this.

(I love this picture)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dot points

  • im tired. cant do full sentances
  • i saw chris today. already miss him
  • my phone is being a bitch. i so need a new one
  • i bought 4th wheel of time book. i need to finish the 3rd already
  • its almost thursday. ahhh!


Monday, July 7, 2008


Omg my room is clean. Heck yes. I can see the floor. I dont really like the colour of it. Oh well, give me a couple of days and i'll will be nice and messy again =]

getting tidy

I'm pretty proud of myself, I've settled into a pretty good routine at home, which is something I usually find hard - organisation and consistency is not really something I excel at, I'm probably more of the Messy/" I'll do it when i feel like it " type of person. But i do sometimes have days when im like, oh my god i need to clean my room, and i do it without complaining. I'm in that mood now woot. But I'm writing a blog instead of cleaning. ah.

i should go and do that then.

*blasts music*

Sunday, July 6, 2008


i've actually had a pretty productive day. Although, i didn't really do all that much. And now, im really bored, so i'm writing this. Probably should be reading. Thats what i think i'll do next. I went and checked the staff email for, and read an email from the lovely Hannah, informing us all that our Character Bio's are due in tomorrow, so i had a small freak out and got right into it. We all had two characters each, and i guess mine were quite easy, Alice and Esme, which are pretty awesome characters. And if anyone doesnt know what im talking about when i say Alice and Esme, heres who they are (if you can be bothered to read it)


Full Name:
Mary Alice Brandon when she was a human, but known as Alice Cullen ATB (After The Bite). Alice’s name was changed to fit the “Adopted Daughter” image that she gained after becoming a member of the Cullen Family

Known As (Nicknames): Alice

Gender: Female

Date of Birth (in () put how old tech.): Alice’s real date of birth is unknown, as is most of her actual human life. It was found that she spent the majority of her human life in an asylum, because of her ‘visions’, that perceived her to the humans of that time as crazy. However, it is later estimated that she was born in 1901, in Biloxi, Mississippi

Date of Creation: The date of Alice’s creation is also unknown, however, it was before the 1950’s, which is when she and Jasper found Carlisle. Alice was created by an old Vampire who worked at the asylum, in order to protect her from the murderous tracker, James, who had a strong affiliation to Alice’s blood, similar to how Bella’s blood calls to Edward.

Distinguishing Characteristics: When described, Alice is always professed as very short, and extremely graceful – not to mention fast. At 4’10’’, Alice has short black hair and is described as pixie-like. Alice’s eyes, like all the Cullen Vampires, are Gold, sometimes black, to show her hunger.

Heritage: American – born in Mississippi

Family: Human family unknown, ATB family consists of Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmet Cullen, Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale and soon to be (hopefully) Bella Cullen.

Origin/Ethnicity: Unknown

First Appearance: Alice’s first appearance is in Twilight, and is seen sitting at the Cafeteria at Forks High, sharing a table with her “brothers and sisters”. Alice is seen by Bella Swan, and is described briefly, as Bella’s attention is elsewhere.

Gifts/Talents: Alice’s Gift, apart from the usual traits of a vampire (incredible beauty, strength, velocity etc) is to see the future, through visions. Usually seeming random, sometimes Alice is able to bring on a vision herself, but that is not always successful. All of Alice’s visions come true, unless events in the present alter the future.

Car: Alice’s car is unknown (I think) before Eclipse, when Edward buys Alice a Yellow Porsche, to bribe her into keeping an eye on Bella.

Alice’s personality is a fun and bubbly one, very energetic, but also slightly stubborn. She is kind, and has a very amusing sense of humor.

Actor: Ashley Greene

General: Alice is a very lovable character, one who can show her own, despite her size. She is lively, and has an incredible fashion sense, and therefore a tenancy to shop, a lot.


Full Name: Esme Cullen (real name unknown)

Known As (Nicknames): Esme (Ez-may)

Gender: Female

Date of Birth (in () put how old tech.): Real date unknown

Date of Creation: Also unknown, estimate around 1920’s, 1930’s

Distinguishing Characteristics: Esme Cullen has long brown hair and she is of a medium height, she is described as very motherly looking – very warm and inviting.

Heritage: unknown

Family: Esme had a son before she was a vampire, but he died from a lung infection. Her family is now the Cullen family, and Carlisle is her husband.

Origin/Ethnicity: unknown

First Appearance: Esme first appears in Twilight, when Edward takes Bella to his home for the first time, where she has met the whole family except for Esme.

Gifts/Talents: Esme’s talent is her loving and nurturing nature. It is an ability to love anyone at all in a motherly fashion.

Car: unknown

Personality: Very motherly, and extremely kind and forgiving. Seems to see the good in everyone.

Actor: Elizabeth Reaser

Esme is the mother of the Cullen family, and loves all her vampire children as if they were her own, and shows Bella that she will lover her like a daughter when she becomes a part of her family.

I'm such a nerdfighter.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

so much to write down

So wow ok i really have a lot of stuff to say, but my mind is going at like 200km per minute and so it'd seem that my thoughts dont want to be organised. But i will try. If this doesnt make sense then im sorry. So, yay im making a blog not so long after my last one yesssss. I'd check exactly how many days but that'd mean that i would have to stop typing, and then i'd probably forget a whole lot of stuff, although im pretty sure i've forgotten everything anyway.

Its like 7:30pm and i only JUST got home from my beach house, which shouldnt even be called a beach house right now, i mean, it was way to freaking cold to even step outside, let alone actually GO to the beach. But my mother is crazy, and thought it would be nice. At least i managed to talk both her and my little sister out of staying another night, they both wanted to, but i think i would have gone insane if we had. It usually is way more bareable, cause usually, i kinda take my laptop and i maybe used my neighbors wireless... but that hypothetical internet did not seem to want to hypothetically work this time, so i had no internet. And then, this morning, my phone died, so if i had stayed another night, i wouldn't have been able to talk to Chris, and that would suck. That reminds me, i need to call him back.

Another reason i really couldnt stay at the "beach house" was becuase i need to make my vloglovers video, and i would have been able to upload it. Dammit, i said i would actually make an effort for my video this week, but theres no time. grrrrr. another boring vlog. oh well. I promise that next weeks will be good. i hope.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wow. i really do suck

You really know that you're not dedicated when you don't update a blog for two months. TWO MONTHS. really Liv? really?
I actually think that i have attempted a couple of times, and either gotten side-tracked or just didn't like what i was writing. Either way, shame on me. Maybe if i make it out to be a bigger deal than it actually is (like im doing now) i'll actually motivate myself to post more blogs. ok.

So, well, as i can't really summarise a whole two months the long way, cause you might be reading for a while, i'll just do it like this:

- went to school. it was fun
- went to school again. not so much fun
- went on youtube. many times
- saw chris. not as much as i'd like
- helped out with the twilight website (its really coming along)
- read books
- started vloglovers
- saw friends
- had exams (at this point i wanted to shoot myself. lucky for this blog i didnt)

and now, school holidays. yess. three weeks, and that makes me very happy, becuase this was a veryveryvery long school term, and its like that because the olympics stuff everything up, and therefore i hate the olympics.

yeah, so right now im waiting for a video for my channel to upload, and its really taking its sweet time, and so im trying to think of something interesting to put in my next vloglovers video, but so far i cant think of anything, at least nothing that will beat chris' little sparkle pop stunt. dammit.

maybe i should talk about how funny he is drunk. i so should have recorded him just now. ah well.

maybe another little something coming this way soon, otherwise, see you all in two months.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

when you've had a Bad Day...



i hate technology. thats what i get for trying to put in a nice font. I highlight, press the wrong key and its all gone, great. it was such a good blog too. argh. well, im going on strike.

not really. ill re write it another day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


argh. i just spent a lot of time attemping to sign into my blog account. The reason it took so long, was because i my password didnt seem to want to work, so then i tried like all the passwords that i use, and eventually ended up resetting it. After i did this, i realised that i had spelt my user name wrong the whole time
gotta love that ey.

so. i have not posted in a while...i suck. i kinda just forgot, sorry. but i have had a pretty bad week. My cat died :( which was terrible. and, well, nothing else really bad happened, but it made my week horrible. anyway, on to lighter things. well, not so light, i have to go back to school in a couple of days. oh yay. i dont want to go back, holidays are funfun.

oh guess what! now daylight savings have REALLY started. yaaaaaay. no more confusedness.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am so confused

Ok, so i think that apparently daylight savings have ended acording to my computer but my friend just said that its been pushed back a week so i dont know who to believe. wait ill google it. still waiting for the page to load. still waiting. oh ok. my computer is WRONG. now im going to be oh so confused. :(. but i dont want to change it cause then i will have to change it again and who wants that much effort? but anyway. Right now i am so bored that i want to scream. Hey what do you know, i just screamed. gah. there is nothing on tv there is nothing to do youtube is annoying me and not displaying new comments and no one has posted new videos i am actually going to run into a wall just so that something will happen but hey now im writing a blog and not putting in oh my god i cant even remember what they are called stupid school never teaching me anything you know the dot at the end of sentances it has a name im drawing a blank one of these: .

oh damn, i used one.

p.s i just remembered that they are called full stops. im such an idiot.

Friday, March 28, 2008

no time to blog!!

ARgh. well actually i do have time to blog, but its 2:30 in the morning and the only reason im not asleep is because im waiting for a video to save the stupid thing. im not going to upload it tonight but yeah, it needs to save now. anyway, ill write a proper blog some time soonish.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so apparently i have a new life story:

As you can see, i no longer have a face. its chris' fault. he made me tell the fib. evil boyfriend. lol

anyway, so ive decided that siblings suck. i mean, they appear all cute and manageable, but then they go and annoy the hell out of you. One sister and two step brothers. argh. ah well. as long as i get to steal my sisters clothes then i am a happy camper. yes indeedy. So anyway, today wasnt a very productive day, i just went shopping and stuff. Again with my cousin, though this time its plural, and it was forced on me. "family time". ah well. but yes. i cant think of anything to say cause chris is singing over skype lol. yes you. i know your reading this. lol

here are some more:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wait, i had a topic. cant remember it

aha. i dont know why im writing a blog. i really have nothing to talk about atm. too tired. i guess anyone who watches my youtube channel. yeah. that will be a fun video.

Alright, so my day today was to go around the city with my cousin, which was fun. i think i made up on all the chocolate i didnt eat yesterday today lol. ahh. i ♥ chocolate. mm. and i saw Step up 2. the dancing was good, the story line was shit. yeah. that happens alot in dance movies. but it made me want to dance more. i guess i should stop skipping my lessons lol. alright, i might write more later