Sunday, October 5, 2008


After two weeks of sleeping in until 11 (or 2pm...) and going to sleep from between 1 and 4 am, as you can imagine my sleep system is probably screwed up majorly. This fact has just been proved to me.

Daylight savings is my worst enemy. Clocks were put forward an hour. I went to bed normal time for me on holidays (say around 1:30am?? so quite early really) and had to wake up at 7:00 which was technically 6:00 because the clocks were put forward. This means that an hour was skipped, and therefore i got less than five hours sleep. I just worked this out now. It explains the physical and psychological pain that i am experiencing right now. And, like an idiot, I drank coffee on the way home from the beach house (the reason i had to get up so early - step-dad had to go to work or something) and am unable to sleep. BUT I WANT TO SO MUCH :(.

So I can actually feel the battle my brain is having right now between the caffeine and whatever part makes you want to sleep. someone please helpp meee.


they call her buttercup said...

lol so glad QLD doesn't do DLS...

AccordionManiac said...

Pissed me off a lot, since I woke up at 1 PM instead of mid-day - it's friggen stupid

Krusher said...

I agree with "they call her buttercup" <3 QLD for no DLS.

My day starts at 8am when I wake, goto work (mostly) just before 10am
finish work 6-8pm goto bed at 1-2am .. coffee is my long time friend :-D

Also, if you keep drinking coffee every day you'll find it doesn't keep you awake as much at night which is handy if you're like me and drink it both for the perk and the taste*

*I waive any responsibility for people become as adicted to coffee as I am and possibly dying from caffiene withdrawl down the track.

IrnBruAddict said...

I know what you mean, at least next time the clocks will go forward and we'll gain an hour of sleep =]

Anonymous said...

I had to start work at 7 on sunday!! I was on time! (im usually the one thats late!)

There was a guy who turned up 20 minutes early... PRE-daylight savings time! Lol.
Hope school's treating you ok!

Btw; NSW students only get three terms in year 11. We are in yr 12 before Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Remember that circadian rhythms are tuned to the coming up and going down of the sun. Therefore it helps if one of the first things you do in the morning is go outside and take a (filtered-direct) look at the sun.

There's two areas in the brain responsible for circadian rhythms: you can consider them akin to a master and backup clock. The body gets its circadian rhythms from the backup clock, which is the only one actually responsible for the generation of circadian rhythms. If the backup clock is wrong, (which most of the time it is) then you'll experience sleep difficulties.

Exposure to sunlight through the optic nerve stimulates the master clock to synchronise the backup clock, which in turn synchronises the creation of circadian rhythms. :)

Anonymous said...

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