Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Tired

chapter 18 of silver sky can be found here

it's really tiring to type this stuff up but i'll get through it eventually. even if it's just one chapter a weekend. meaning that i will be at this for another 12 weeks. ah well.

in other news i now have to go and read two books by monday but thankfully i don't have to read the whole novel for either so yay. i think that puts my total count of books that i am currently reading to five. bloody hell. and i've read about ten so far this year. in a month. thanks to france, some of those were read in 2008 but im cheating and saying i read them in 2009 because france was something separate to my life here and i can count what i read as i wish. 50 books will be a piece of cake this year. i didn't make it last year, and i'm determined to do it.

ok i'm going to go and read and then go to sleep and hope that when i wake up it wont be 40 degrees and australia will be a nice mild 25 or something. that would be lovely.

p.s i'll get around to answering the questions i swear but i'm lazy and as you should all know, i never do things when i say i will. thankfully this isn't the case with school. i hope.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

On a Variety of Topics

While I wait for a song to attach to an email so that i can upload a completely pointless and crap video:

The Heat
In Melbourne and Victoria we are currently facing heat of up to 44.4 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what that is Fahrenheit. If my phone wasn't broken I could convert it there. Or I could stop being an idiot and use the Internet. OK 111.92 Fahrenheit. Hot yes?? It's driving me insane. Which brings me to point two:

Power Off because of Heat
Yesterday it was just as hot and our power was off for 12 hours. It didn't come on until four AM when my air conditioner from the 80s kicked into life and woke me from a fit full doze and had me stumbling over to my digital alarm clock to set the time so it would stop flashing 12:00 at me. My bedroom is on the second level of our house, I think i would have had about four hours sleep in total, which would be fine usually but:

Today was my last-first-day of school, ever. I'm in Year 12 which means that I'm probably going to pull out all my hair and jump at small noises at some point during the year, but I don't really mind because I know it will be a good one. At my school we have a LOT more freedom than the other year levels. We also have a Year 12 common room with a kitchen, meaning we get air conditioning/heat and food. Plus I have an amazing timetable, most of my spare periods fall either first or last, meaning i can either sleep in or go home early. One day I'm at school for literally two hours in the morning and then i have the whole day off. I'm so happy about this, even though it would be nice to have spares during the school day, because then I might actually study during them. I'm planning on being consistent though, with school work. With Internet time as well:

Silver Sky
So far the feedback I've got from my two new chapters is amazing, I'm glad they are actually liked. Unfortunately because of school new additions will be added slowly, but I'm halfway through typing chapter 18 so that should be up this weekend. I'm sorry to leave a cliff hanger for so long but I can tell you that nothing really gets answered in the next chapter anyway. I'm not a nice author. =].

Oh good I've now managed to send that song to myself. I need to find my USB.

Monday, January 26, 2009

This took way too long

two new chapters. the pace is slow but it is DIFFICULT. argh. im going to get very angry at this novel but im damn well going to finish it.

i'd write more but i'm typed out. enjoy. sorry if this sounds angry. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Being Consistant While I Still Can

I was going to name this blog Jetlag but decided I didn't want to name it that. How boring. But really, I can't write an actual blog right now because I am literally about to fall asleep at the keyboard.

I thought Jetlag and I had finished this little thing we have going on. The thing where I finally feel like it has left me and then it hits 8:00pm and it says to me "Liv, baby, I'm not ready to leave you yet. Let me stroke your mind and make you fall asleep while reading Harry, A History with the light on. Let me twist your thoughts until all you can type about is made up coversations with something stupid like Jetlag. I'm not ready to let you go."


Just Quickly

Sorry this is a short blog for today because it's 1:08am and I'm tireddddd. But yes, I just quickly wanted to post the link for Silver Sky just in case anyone wanted to read what is there so far (I know at least ONE person wants to... so good enough =])

you can find it here

Sorry if you find this annoying, it's just really really REALLY fantastic to have my work appreciated, even by a small percentage of people. Back to reality tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking about change lately, and wondering whether it really happened to me. When I actually think about it, then yes, I have changed from my French exchange, and I think in a good way. Being away from home in a country where they don't generally speak your language and you have a host family that could be a little warmer... well basically, you have to grow up. And really, that scares me because in so many ways I didn't want to come back any different, yet the way that I see life now is different. I think this is a good thing, though.

Another change is that I hadn't really been broadcasting my life for six weeks. The occasional twitter update or blog post (cause we all know how many of those we got...) didn't count. And I actually really liked that. I know I'm going to continue on with Youtube, it's way too much a part of my life to give up now (and I may be involved with something that may or may not happen so I won't say anything, but if it happens then I definitely will be doin' a lot of youtubin'). I'm finding it easier not to spend mindless hours in front of my screen, I've done what I needed to do and gotten off. Something that I'm going to maintain because I am starting Year 12 in a week (ARGH) and computer time will have to be limited a little.

I've also, finally, stopped 'thanking subscribers'. I mean, I definitely made it far, 2000+ and i'd thanked each and every one of them. But it takes up SOOO much time and I really can't afford to do that anymore. It's hard to kick the habit though. And I feel bad. But I don't think people actually care so... yeah

I'm not sure if i mentioned this or not, but while in France I had a *lot* of time on my hands during the school hours. I guess I could have listened a little, and I did try, but we had the problem of all the subjects being either Science or Maths, and so even if the classes were in English I wouldn't have understood a thing. So I worked my way through 8 books, and after the French school holidays I finished Silver Sky, which is a novel I started for National Novel Writing Month, for those who don't know. I wrote 22,000 words over ten days, handwritten. I have to say I'm proud of myself, it took me around a month to get 27,000 words for NaNoWriMo, and that was on a computer. I wrote so much because there was nothing else to do... and believe me, I got sick of it. So sick of it that I wanted to scream.

Anyway, if I find time then I will type that up and post it if anyone is interested, and answer your questions in my next blog. K?

Now think I have to go to sleep, I still get tired around 10:00pm which I guess is good but holidays are for staying up till 2am and sleeping till 12. Ah well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...Is the best country in the world. Come and live here.

But seriously, Hi! I'm home!! As you may have guessed.
I'd say the whole "OMG guys I'm SO sorry I didn't write blog posts while I was there but giant french monkeys tied my hands together so I couldn't type..." but really I'm moving on to what this blog should be about, not what could have been.

France was basically the most terrifying and enriching experience I've ever had, and most likely ever will have because doubtfully I will end up staying in a French family's house for six weeks and attend French school etc etc. The things I have learnt... just too many to describe with words or images.
Something that I discussed with the other girls who went on exchange as well on the plane home (which incidentally was one of my favourite parts) was how hard it is to actually
describe the differences of France and Australia. We all knew what we meant, we'd all gone through the same thing, but none of us could find words to actually specify our experience as a whole.

Of course, I have about a million stories, so when I tell people about my exchange I'm not left telling the same story over and over and over. But I feel like it would be difficult to actually choose one to write here, I mean, for one thing, I'm quite sure that not all the people who read this blog are from Australia, and therefore wouldn't understand the differences because they would have their own differences, which is of course why we go overseas, if there were no differences then why would we ever travel?

So I'm going to leave it at that - for this post anyway - with France talk. What would be great would be to get some questions from you guys, it's a little easier to answer specific questions than to just write something. So I have about 40 followers and possibly more people actually reading this, it would be lovely to get some questions =) even if it's just asking whether the stereotypes are correct, such as the cheese eating (yes) or arrogance (yes) or 'obsessed with sex' (no. at least not the people i was friends with.)


CouCou ^_^