Saturday, September 27, 2008


My suitcase is staring at me. It knows that I haven't done what I'm supposed to. BUT I HATE PUTTING THINGS AWAY :(.

Alright. Fine. Whatever. I'll go do it.

p.s. The new facebook (I still hate it...) has convinced me that pirate english is amazing and we should all talk like that from now on. We should just get rid of normal English completely. It would be so fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

lolz and cringe moments

What will be in a video to come, today Mitto and I discovered that together we tend to take the simplest conversations and then adapt normal situations, making them sound very very wrong. What fun we have.

In other news, I am going home TOMORROW. yayayayayayayayay. Hopefully we won't be stuck at the airport longer than the actual duration of the flight this time. That would be nice. If that's the case and our flight is delayed, then I am going to be incredibly grumpy as the airport at the Gold Coast doesn't exactly have a nice little lounge with free food/wireless. It's more of a big room with rows and rows of blue upholstered chairs and screaming snotty nosed children abusing their parents. I have my reasons for not liking that airport. Oh look, here comes a story.

Last time I was up at the Gold Coast, which was January I think, my mother, sister and I were having a small lunch to pass time while waiting for our flight. There was little choice of restaurants, two little cafes to be exact. Choosing the one that seemed more appealing (we were so wrong), we went over and ordered at the cramped counter. I chose some sort of "fresh" sandwich from the fridge. After eating half of said sandwich, I took a bite of the second half, and felt something crunch. Looking down, I realized to my horror that there was a SPIDER stuck between the lettuce and chicken. As you can imagine, with my being a girl, and not being all too friendly with spiders, I screamed and then went on to say "ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..." The only good thing we got out of this experience was a full refund and choice of anything free from the cafe. I chose packeted goods, not wanting anything "fresh". Urgh. Spiders taste disgusting by the way.

As you can see I'm being a very good girl and updating my blogs regularly. I've recently changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox because Explorer has crashed on me for the last time. And now I have Blogger right up there, bookmarked so it's always there, taunting me, wanting me to write another blog. Hooray.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this blog is untitled

It's untitled not because I'm going to talk about a controversial issue, which is what I usually notice are untitled (I could, but honestly I can't be bothered. Unless someone wants to give me a topic? That might be fun) but because I can't think of a title for a blog that will probably be mundane and totally irrelevant to anything of importance. Mainly I would rather just like to continue updating this frequently, I am actually doing a pretty good job of that, right? Yeah. Yay me.

So yesterday I met up with some lovely youtubers of the names
Mitto and Rohan. It was fun - a day better spent talking about youtube and books and random fun things. There was a video taken. We talk about possibly whoring ourselves out to Donut King. Yay. Of course these two are not irrelevant. They are of course very relevant. And very nice. =]

Today was a boring day for me, bought a new dress and totally embarrassed myself in a fish and chip shop. I tripped over and dropped tomato sauce over people. Yeah. But, I'm way too used to be a clutz to let it get to me... (i wanted to go and wait in the car to stop people looking at me but my step-dad told me i have to face the angry people and not be a silly little girl =[ )

One more day and then i get to go hommmmmmee!!!!! omg. so happy =D QLD is fun but i miss the coldness and busyness of Victoria


Monday, September 22, 2008


my face might be sunburned. i haven't looked to see, but it feels like it

i went on rides that lasted a total of about 30 seconds per ride and stood for ages in line waiting for said rides

my feet hurt from standing

there is a baskin robins right near where we are staying. not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. i will probably go there multiple times

the weather is a mix of really really warm and thunderstorms. either way I'm happy

i want to go home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


There are cute kids next to me playing computer games. Awww.

I'm waiting for the internet to come back on here, cause while it is working, it is being mean to me and only letting me connect occasionally. Evil thing.
You would think that by now I would be in the Gold Coast right? Nope. Stuck at the airport drinking bad coffee and playing card games with my family. The Flight was delayed for 3 hours, which is great. But, we get to use the Qantas lounge which means free wireless (when it works) and free food and drink. And its quite comfortable, so it’s not too bad.

Concerning the card games: I got a royal flush just before. Pity we weren’t even playing poker. Going to go and try and put this up now

yay. worked.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going Away

Hello =]

Just a short blog to say that I'm going away to the Gold Coast for a week (that reminds me: I need to pack. At some point would be nice). I'm sad because its a really hard time for me to be going away right now and I'd rather be spending time with someone else rather than my family (who are lovely people *cough* but a week interstate with them will be interesting), which will consist of my step-dad, mother, step-brother and my sister. Those two are the same age, and therefore get along. I don't have any friends up there so it will be me and my books and my holiday homework. yay. These trips usually are fun for the first two days or so before they tend to drive me insane. At least it's only for a week. Just a week.

On another note: HELL YES I AM ON HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! Today was the last day of term three, and I really really really need a break from school. Although, I've been enjoying it quite a bit lately. Mainly because of Literature, which is a fucking amazing subject with the most awesome teacher in the history of teachers. I am so glad that I gave up maths for it, I realize now how it was making school so horrible for me, I'm just so extremely happy now.
Drama has been awesome too. Our little depressing play was fun, even though I'm not close with any of the girls in my class. We all are kind of civil towards each other but not friends, none of us really. It's strange, but it's fun. Although, we were just given our solo topics, and they are so difficult :S. There was only one that appealed to me, concerning "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which, if you haven't heard of, is an Australian story about three girls who go missing and it's this whole crazy mystery thing. So i thought that would be interesting to do. I have to read the novel now, which is something I've been wanting to read anyway, so yay. If it's as depressing as the movie then it will be... interesting. Having a girl commit suicide by jumping off a roof into a greenhouse is pretty much my strongest memory from that movie. It's been years since I saw it. And this just turned out wayyyy longer than i thought it would. Cool

p.s. I wrote this whole blog while listening to music. I think I've overcome my incompetence of blogging while listening ^_^. Although, in all probability, I'll read over this and discover that it makes no sense.

See you all in a week!

Today was really good. Even though it was for a small amount of time. I can't wait to see you again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog from the Beach

I wonder how coherently i can type while blasting music through my headphones so that i don't have to listen to my sister's horrible taste in music (and Chris if you are reading this and are about to tell me that my own music is crap, i know already, shutup =P.). Yeah, its really really hard to concentrate on typing something that makes sense while listening to music, i fail at that. I can't listen to people talking to me and listen to music at the same time either lol. And now the music has made me forget what i was going to type here. great. It was probably something about my week, which was intense by the way. Can't be bothered going into detail for this blog that no one reads anyway, its just here so that i can type about my life to myself and have something to remember the times, oh the times.

wow ok maybe i'll come back and write something that is not influenced by my Motion City Soundtrack addiction. not that any of this is influenced by Motion City Soundtrack. I 'Can't finish what [I] started', which would be this blog.

haha. that was :P. LAMEEEE.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not quite sure where this one will turn out...

Oh hi. I just kinda went to my blog, clicked the "new post" button, and found myself typing. Um. I really don't have anything to write about, sometimes i just find myself places that and don't know how i got there. Like today for example, (if you follow me on twitter you might know where this is heading) i got lost. Now, sure, many of us get lost from time to time, but apparently im such an idiot i'll get lost about 5 streets and a main road away from my house. I guess it wasn't really lost, cause i knew how to get out of there, but i toook about 3 wrong turns hoping to make a short cut and ended up in a dead end having to re-trace my steps to find my way home. i really do hate my sense of direction. or lack of. 

there we go, a perfectly good blog post. that was fun, just diving in not knowing where it would be heading. i may do it again sometime. Ok, now my eyes are seriously closing on their own. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guitars and Vampires.

I'm taking a break from my guitar (have I said that I got a guitar on this blog? well, I got one) right now to write because im in that writing mood. I'm having a lot of fun with my guitar actually - getting some progress with one song, and it doesn't sound half bad lol. Although it may sound horrible to anyone but me, in all likelyhood lol. ANNNDD I can almost play Accio Deathly Hallows!! nerdfighter-songs FTW. Thats pretty exciting. I think when I perfect the other song I've taught myself then I'll attempt to make video of it. If it fails then no one has to see it but me hehe. That reminds me, I really need to make some sort of video for my channel. One day people, one day.

I've actually been meaning to write a blog ever since I finished Midnight Sun (well up to chapter 12 anyway) because i need to write some things down about it to myself, that i thought i'd share with whoever reads this. I would say stop reading if you dont want to be spoiled, but honestly i can't give much away - well, actually, i can - but if you've read twilight then you would pretty much know the basic outline of the plot. I more just want to talk about Edward as a character anyway.

So many people (including myself) have said that Edward doesn't have a personality. Well, guess what. After reading Midnight Sun, you'll find that he does in fact have a personality... untill he lays eyes on Bella. He is in love with her to the extent of it being creepy. Sure it sounds cute having Edward watch Bella at night, but this guy is effing obsessed with her and her safetly! I thought it was bad from Bella's perspective, but his every thought is consumed with worrying that she's going to get hurt, and for most of this he has barely spoken to her.
This makes it sound like I hate the book. Nah, it was actually just as good as Twilight, it's just a little intense on that 'vampire in love' aspect. Its great to read, there are so many little pieces that are filled in that you didn't even know were missing, and it all just ties together really nicely.

When Midnight Sun is published, its going to be around 10 times more popular than Twilight, I'll tell ya. I mean, if it was damn hot seeing this vampire from Bella's perspective, then getting into his mind... wow. While, I'll admit, its all pretty much him thinking about another girl, its going to draw in the fangirls, for sure. Who wouldn't want a guy thinking those things about you? Although, becuase its actually written by a woman, its pretty unrealistic - i think i perfer real guys anyway. I've got myself a great one =]. hehe.

aaaand cease rant.