Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog from the Beach

I wonder how coherently i can type while blasting music through my headphones so that i don't have to listen to my sister's horrible taste in music (and Chris if you are reading this and are about to tell me that my own music is crap, i know already, shutup =P.). Yeah, its really really hard to concentrate on typing something that makes sense while listening to music, i fail at that. I can't listen to people talking to me and listen to music at the same time either lol. And now the music has made me forget what i was going to type here. great. It was probably something about my week, which was intense by the way. Can't be bothered going into detail for this blog that no one reads anyway, its just here so that i can type about my life to myself and have something to remember the times, oh the times.

wow ok maybe i'll come back and write something that is not influenced by my Motion City Soundtrack addiction. not that any of this is influenced by Motion City Soundtrack. I 'Can't finish what [I] started', which would be this blog.

haha. that was :P. LAMEEEE.

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mittopotahis said...

What? No one reads this? Ah darn, I thought I was being a cool kid by reading Liv's blog. :(