Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am so confused

Ok, so i think that apparently daylight savings have ended acording to my computer but my friend just said that its been pushed back a week so i dont know who to believe. wait ill google it. still waiting for the page to load. still waiting. oh ok. my computer is WRONG. now im going to be oh so confused. :(. but i dont want to change it cause then i will have to change it again and who wants that much effort? but anyway. Right now i am so bored that i want to scream. Hey what do you know, i just screamed. gah. there is nothing on tv there is nothing to do youtube is annoying me and not displaying new comments and no one has posted new videos i am actually going to run into a wall just so that something will happen but hey now im writing a blog and not putting in oh my god i cant even remember what they are called stupid school never teaching me anything you know the dot at the end of sentances it has a name im drawing a blank one of these: .

oh damn, i used one.

p.s i just remembered that they are called full stops. im such an idiot.

Friday, March 28, 2008

no time to blog!!

ARgh. well actually i do have time to blog, but its 2:30 in the morning and the only reason im not asleep is because im waiting for a video to save the stupid thing. im not going to upload it tonight but yeah, it needs to save now. anyway, ill write a proper blog some time soonish.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so apparently i have a new life story:

As you can see, i no longer have a face. its chris' fault. he made me tell the fib. evil boyfriend. lol

anyway, so ive decided that siblings suck. i mean, they appear all cute and manageable, but then they go and annoy the hell out of you. One sister and two step brothers. argh. ah well. as long as i get to steal my sisters clothes then i am a happy camper. yes indeedy. So anyway, today wasnt a very productive day, i just went shopping and stuff. Again with my cousin, though this time its plural, and it was forced on me. "family time". ah well. but yes. i cant think of anything to say cause chris is singing over skype lol. yes you. i know your reading this. lol

here are some more:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wait, i had a topic. cant remember it

aha. i dont know why im writing a blog. i really have nothing to talk about atm. too tired. i guess anyone who watches my youtube channel. yeah. that will be a fun video.

Alright, so my day today was to go around the city with my cousin, which was fun. i think i made up on all the chocolate i didnt eat yesterday today lol. ahh. i ♥ chocolate. mm. and i saw Step up 2. the dancing was good, the story line was shit. yeah. that happens alot in dance movies. but it made me want to dance more. i guess i should stop skipping my lessons lol. alright, i might write more later


Sunday, March 23, 2008

J.K Rowling considered suicide before HP

Ok, omg. i just turned on my computer, sat down, msn logged me on appearing offline, cause it always does that, windows live news thingo pops up and i see this article:

Does anyone know how happy i am that she DIDNT kill herself? I mean, i wouldnt be happy if anyone killed themselves, its a terrible thing, but it just makes me so sad that she was unhappy enough to consider that, even while she had a child. This is my heroine. Jo Rowling is actually my idol and her books have done soo much for me. Just one small example, i wouldnt have gotten a youtube account, hence i wouldnt have gotten a blog. And i wouldnt know some of the awesome people i know now. Even if its just internet friends ;) they know who they are. So really, J.K Rowling, if you ever read this, i know its unlikely, but thankyou thankyou thankyou for being here to write harry potter, your such an amazing and talented woman, and i know that you're happy with your family now, and that makes me happy :).

Anyways, on another note, today was easter, which was funfun. I didnt really get much chocolate, but i did go on an easter egg hunt, something i havent done in a very long time. Turns out im not so great at them. lol.

anyways lovelys, ill write more soon.

xoxo Liv

Saturday, March 22, 2008

yes. two in a row

bonjour mes amis!

What have i done today? well, i actually forgot that i made a blogger thing, and only remembered about 3 minutes ago, so i was like, hey, better make a blog! So yes, well today i went with my mother, two uncles (who are brothers, and both with the name Max. Yes it would seem confusing, but their Italian names are Mosimo and Mossimilliano [i think they are spelt like that] and they both shorten to Max in enligh) and my little cousin Ben, and we all went down to the dodgy part of Melbourne to go to the mediteranian grocery store. Which is pretty much an italian supermarket, and have the best food. Oh, i didnt mention the best part! I drove there yay! Well, half way there, cause mum is paranoide and she doesnt like that she has to be the licensed driver who has to be in the car at all times. Anyway, if i was living in America, i would most likely have my full license and a car right now, but no, Australia has the stupid rule that we have to be 18 to have our P's. and even then its not a full license. So, im on my L's, and ive done 1 hour and 50 minutes, so i have like 117 hours to go. Another stupid Australian rule, student drivers have to get a minimim of 120 hours before they can get their licence, and have to keep a log book recording their times etc. not much fun. So anyway, i was at the supermarket for a while, and then i went home and watched Girls of the Playboy mansion lol. Marathon!! wooot. okes so im going now cause i cbfed thinking of more stuff to write, plus ive got to make the little picture that will appear at the top of this post. yes.

Ta ta


Friday, March 21, 2008

Yay i have a blog

Ok lovelys, Liv here.
I've actually been meaning to start a blog (haha i wrote vlog first. im such a youtuber) for quite a while now, just becuase i want to open my horizens in the world of the internet. Plus, everyone has a blog, and i'm one of those people that are like "omg i want one of those thigns that everyone has". but see, im not one of the copyers out there. oh no. i just take whatever other people have and attempt to make it my own. I realise that making a blog my own wasnt that difficult.. but still, if i tryed to make the whole concept of blogging my own, it might take a while. So i'll just make my own blogs, and leave it at that.

I'm really hoping that i won't get sick of blogging like i do with diarys. I tend to write in them for a while, but then i'm like, meh, and forget about them. I guess one thing that will keep me motivated is that this is kinda a not so private diary, and if people want to read it then i'll keep making it.

Thats what i was going to say. I wanted to make an internet diary. yes back on track. ok. I feel that vlogging can be very limited, i mean, there is only so much you can pack into a 4 minute video, so, im making this as a little extra thing. I'll use this like a diary, put in all the stuff i want to remember (ahh memories), except all the intimate details of my life that i probably don't want strangers reading.. but yes, apart from that... lots of stuff. I like typing acutally, which is kind of a weird thing to say really, but it actually is quite fun. just watching those words appear. anyway. So, yes, i will hopefully be a frequent blogger, cause its fun to blog, and its fun to have people reading what i write. hopefully people are reading it. anywho, blog to you later. haha new sign off.