Monday, March 24, 2008

Wait, i had a topic. cant remember it

aha. i dont know why im writing a blog. i really have nothing to talk about atm. too tired. i guess anyone who watches my youtube channel. yeah. that will be a fun video.

Alright, so my day today was to go around the city with my cousin, which was fun. i think i made up on all the chocolate i didnt eat yesterday today lol. ahh. i ♥ chocolate. mm. and i saw Step up 2. the dancing was good, the story line was shit. yeah. that happens alot in dance movies. but it made me want to dance more. i guess i should stop skipping my lessons lol. alright, i might write more later



Chrisontv88 said...

No topic in this comment ... sorry.

Chris said...

nor in this one