Sunday, March 23, 2008

J.K Rowling considered suicide before HP

Ok, omg. i just turned on my computer, sat down, msn logged me on appearing offline, cause it always does that, windows live news thingo pops up and i see this article:

Does anyone know how happy i am that she DIDNT kill herself? I mean, i wouldnt be happy if anyone killed themselves, its a terrible thing, but it just makes me so sad that she was unhappy enough to consider that, even while she had a child. This is my heroine. Jo Rowling is actually my idol and her books have done soo much for me. Just one small example, i wouldnt have gotten a youtube account, hence i wouldnt have gotten a blog. And i wouldnt know some of the awesome people i know now. Even if its just internet friends ;) they know who they are. So really, J.K Rowling, if you ever read this, i know its unlikely, but thankyou thankyou thankyou for being here to write harry potter, your such an amazing and talented woman, and i know that you're happy with your family now, and that makes me happy :).

Anyways, on another note, today was easter, which was funfun. I didnt really get much chocolate, but i did go on an easter egg hunt, something i havent done in a very long time. Turns out im not so great at them. lol.

anyways lovelys, ill write more soon.

xoxo Liv


Chrisontv88 said...

Yeah I heard about the JK thing. She had a pretty hard time before HP got picked up.

Anyway am I one of those awesome internet people I hope so ... or I've been lead to believe something else ... OMG PARANOID NOW! ARGHHHHH!

irishdemp said...

wow i knew she had a bad life before HP I didn't know she had suicidal thoughts tho