Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so apparently i have a new life story:

As you can see, i no longer have a face. its chris' fault. he made me tell the fib. evil boyfriend. lol

anyway, so ive decided that siblings suck. i mean, they appear all cute and manageable, but then they go and annoy the hell out of you. One sister and two step brothers. argh. ah well. as long as i get to steal my sisters clothes then i am a happy camper. yes indeedy. So anyway, today wasnt a very productive day, i just went shopping and stuff. Again with my cousin, though this time its plural, and it was forced on me. "family time". ah well. but yes. i cant think of anything to say cause chris is singing over skype lol. yes you. i know your reading this. lol

here are some more:

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Chrisontv88 said...

Look at Charlie kneel before me HA HA!