Monday, March 30, 2009


Here's some good news. Or some bad news, depending on your opinion of me and my blogs. Recently Maureen Johnson (A wonderful Nerfighter/Author if you don't know of her) declared that she is starting Blog Every Day April. I have decided to try this too. So you're either going to be rather happy about this, or annoyed. In which case I'm sorry =]. But I think setting myself a goal at this time of the year will be good for me, and who knows, maybe for you guys too! (plus, the majority of BEDA is during school holidays so I'm actually going to have time to do it!!!)

So yes, I will be frequenting this place quite a bit over the next month. Join me, will you?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

sleep please?

I'm tired. I dislike being tired. I say dislike because Hate is, afterall, quite a strong word. So I'm going to avoid using it in this instance.

I have two choices:

Go to sleep/read/internet/leave homework until tomorrow or;

Do [some] homework, have the majority of tomorrow free and not feel guilty.

I think we all know which option I'm going to pick.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog? What Blog?

How has it almost been a whole month since I posted here??!! I'm usually rather good at updating. ah. Fail.

Basically it's because my mind has been so completely crammed with thoughts of school work, school work, minuscule social-life that barely exists because of said school work, and then sleep. Probably in that order. I've thought about posting here whilst not actually on my computer, but then when I'm on my computer I am naughtily procrastinating by reading emails/twitter/dailyboothing/other blogs etc. And the occasional piece of Teh Homework.

Oh and here's another reason: I have no life. [Not one that's interesting to write about, anyway.] Have I mentioned that? Yes? Alright then. I'm desperately waiting for the holidays to start (five school days!!) so I have time to think etc. Although, practically living with 129 other girls is actually rather fun. I say living because we are located in our common room for the majority of our time during school, minus actual classes and walking to said classes. I've been staying after school quite a bit, to do homework/talk for minutes on end with my friends who stay back too, thus not really getting any work done. But it is the best of times right now.

I mean, sure, I'm basically exhausted every day to the point where I'll probably fall asleep in class, I'm behind on my personal reading, and it's all going to get worse. But I really don't care!! :D.

I'm also rather scared at how fast first term has gone. We don't even have a full week left. What? And all the time I'm ridden with the feeling that I'm not doing enough, etc etc, which is probably the story of every Year 12 out there who cares. Oh well. I'll try and be a little more consistent here. Or else update muchly over the two week break.

There are almost 50 followers now ^_^ hello! Plus there may be people who don't actually follow, they might just read. You're all welcome here.


Edit: I updated Silver Sky last weekend but didn't say anything about it. If you would like to see it there is a link in the post before this one =]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before I sleep....

I've spent a good few hours updating the next installment of Silver Sky, yay. I really love this chapter, there is a new character introduced who was really fun to write. Not sure what you guys will think but hopefully it will be an enjoyment. Let me know =]

It's here