Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today, I met John Green LML ( [i]lovemylife)


Wow, I want to say so much about this weekend, but said weekend has made me unbelievably tired. Partly because I had some weird 24 hour cold on friday/saturday that has almost disappeared, leaving no side effects (appart from exhastion). But it's gone so I can assume it's not Swine Flu :P

So perhaps I'll just dot point for now, and elaborate in a post later this week. Sorry for sucking.

- Yesterday (Saturday), I met up with Rohan, Chris, Leuke, and Rob plus some other lovely people to just hang out around Melbourne. It was a good day

- Today, I met John Green.

- The above people, plus Mitto all came along, and we went to two events and both were just, surreal

- John spoke, was amazing to listen to, and to see him be there in front of us... just wow.

- The first time we went up to get our books signed, and after he talked to Chris (whom he gave two shout outs during the event), John looked up and said, "Oh, Liv! I didn't see you when you were sitting there. How are you?"

....OMG!!!! best moment of my life. I mean, he's one of my favourite authors. Just AHHH!!!

- Spent some more time with the guys, and my friend Emily who came along, saw Frezned (if you don't know who he is then youtube him, his videos are amazing. I just can't be bothered to type out another link :P)

- Came home rather happy.

This weekend was something I desperately needed (read: actual fun). I've been so immersed in school for the past two weeks that basically, I just wanted to sleep all weekend before dragging myself back to school. But it was worth it, so unbelieveable worth it.

In other news, as some have asked about my results in things for school, I thought I'd tell you I received an A+ for the previously mentioned Drama Ensembles , which I am SOOO glad because I worked hard on that bitch-of-a-project. And I've been going really well in everything else too. A french SAC which I thought I failed turned out to be the complete opposite, but only because the whole class failed, and so instead of being marked out of 20, it was scaled to be marked out of ten. My 7.5 out of 20 became a 7 out of 10, so I got a B. I LOVE THE BELL CURVE!

Ah that feels strange, talking about marks on this. I just feel like it should be left alone, I don't think I will again.

I also finished typing another two chapters of Silver Sky, which I haven't posted yet because the second needs editing. These chapters when written consequtively are probably two of my favourite chapters, and I really think you guys will like them (at least I hope so.) I' considering waiting until I type up the next chapter, though, then posting all three, because otherwise what happens may not have the impact I would like.

If this doesn't make sense, I apologise. I'll see if I can write something more coherent later this week.

Hmmm, longer than I intended. Ah well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Woes of a 14 year old

Sigh. At this very minute I'm listening to my sister talk about boys over phone msn. Neither of our doors are closed because a) I was playing Gunther and wanted to see how long it would take her to yell at me (she strangely never did...), b) she never shuts her door and c) I'm about to go downstairs and get some tea.

So before I get The Drink That Heals all, I thought I would write a blog post. Two days in a row :O getting a bit BEDA-Esq isn't it? Speaking of posting, did you guys like me posting every day? Would you like some more effort on blogging on my part? These questions aren't Rhetorical. =]. I should take this moment to thank everyone who reads my blogs actually, and all the regular and sometimes one-time commenters, you are all great =].

I'm so tired.

I thought about explaining yesterday's post in more depth. I don't think I will. Just know that I have no problem with life, I think I was just talking about the severe mortality of everything. And I mean everything.

I'm going to go get my tea now =]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Earth

A problem with Literature is that when you read something like A Passage to India, it will open your eyes to the world, and with that comes some depressing thoughts. This came to me as I lay in bed trying to sleep Thursday night (exhausted after Ensembles but unable to sleep, despite having a SAC the next day).

Usually what I think about before sleep isn't quite this depressing, but that was the mood I was in. I was upset after Ensembles, only because of a something small, but basically all the stress came out at once, and didn't really leave me. Then that night I was lying there, listening to music and thinking about life. And then a thought came to me, and I began to cry. I don't know whether I believe it, but it was not nice to think about. It's basically a variation of what Forster talks about in his Novel, and the reason some of our Lit classes have been so mind-numbing. I just wrote this down now, and I'm pretty tired so I might refine it tomorrow. It may seem obvious, but the way it came to me, was horrid.


Drop down, fall far, the direction we are heading in will crumble and cave. Give it time, there is no answer, only the past to look at and wistfully yearn for. Wish for a time when there were no questions. Then, it was possible to look forward without fear, without regret, without a damaged future that is imminent, relentless, and inexpiable. Life on a grander scale is like anything mortal. It once was new, it is growing, and one day it will die. We can’t stop it, as we can’t stop death. We can only prolong it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well the page is opened, I may as well Blog

I'm so tired. And this week has not even properly started. URGH.

That's all I want to say.

*posts blog, then decided that she doesn't want to be boring, and comes back*

On second thoughts, I would rather be writing this than listening to French or writing something about The Kite Runner (sigh) or analysing some Parthenon sculpture, "Poseidon is positioned thus in order to be portrayed as the older, wiser God of the three. In comparison to Apollo, who presents a more youthful posture, the God of the Ocean is upright and imposing..." (Huh, came up with that just then. I'm so using it in my analysis...).

Basically today has been filled with Drama rehearsals. Two of them. One for the aforementioned (?) Drama Ensembles, which is now COMPLETED!! I think that once we've performed them Thursday, I will never want anything to do with The Truman Show or McDonald's ever again. On the upside I can now say "Two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions-on-a-sesame-seed-bun" fluently, which you may remember as an ad campaign a few years back; if you could say it within a certain time limit, you would get a free burger. I wish they still did that.

Second rehearsal was Pirates of Penzance (I missed the start while at school) which was SO MUCH FUN. An hour of Pirates was better than every.single Playing For Time rehearsal. After it I was almost dazed with glee (my language is rather strange today, just ignore).

Okay that's enough for today. Off to write some essaysssssss.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School Tights.

I am sorry, but how hard is it to ask for a pair of tights that WON'T get holes in the feet area after one use? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Furthermore, these babies cost about $15-$20 each and as my school insists on allocating a colour that is not really conventional, we can't find them anywhere cheaper.

Of course the alternative is to wear socks, but you see, I don't for several reasons: 1) They fall down and you are continuously having to lean down and pull them up to their approved knee-length. 2) They are a disgusting brown colour and 3) They do nothing to protect you from the winter wind.

My point is, they should make sturdier tights.

Thank you. This has been a Pointless Liv Blog Post as she prepares to begin her homework.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Silver Sky update

I finished another chapter!! It was staring me in the face for way too long, and then a conversation with a beloved friend at school spurred me on. I'll tell you, it was painful. I will never write that small again unless I want to really torture someone.

Chapter 22 is here. CLICK!. It was painful to write for other reasons, and not the ones you would expect, after reading it. I just wasn't sure if it was working yada yada yada. But let me know what you think.

And for those who don't understand what the hell I'm talking about, Silver Sky is a novel that I've written, started in November of last year and finished in France. The French part is handwritten, and therefore has to be typed up. Unfortunately I am lazy and am studying year 12 so it's kind of been forgotten. Take a look if you so wish, and let me know what you think!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Over


Basically; surprisingly, the play was deemed "the best production seen in years."


Actually, I can understand why. You see, it was a good play - but that didn't make it any less excruciatingly painful. The whole cast was actually rather shocked at how well it was received.

We were waiting for people to walk out during the performances, because how could the audience not see how painful it had been for us? Couldn't they make out the tired circles around our eyes, or the bruises on our legs? They probably couldn't see it through the stage make-up, which was, incidentally, pale faces and a black tint under our eyes like those dreaded dark circles caused by lack of sleep; nightmares; fear.

But didn't the crowd notice our aching muscles, our strained gaits, our desperation to be OUT of there? No, they just probably thought our acting was phenomenal - what else would prisoners of war look like? Definitely not energetic, absolutely not fresh, and awake. And pragmatically, there would be a desperation to escape.

So I suppose those aspects helped us, rather than hindered us. Great.

Although, I'll admit, performing was fantastic. My character, while not having many lines, was onstage basically 80% of the time, so I never got a moment to relax and bring myself back to be myself. I forgot about the crowd ogling at us, and only thought about what was happening around me. Which I'm thankful about. I was even able to cry on cue, on the first night. That's kind of awesome.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

# oh wait we aren't numbering them anymore... (darn habbits)

I almost felt like making the title longer than the blog post after writing that out. But I won't be mean.

So whats new, whats new... I seem to be having BEDA withdrawal pain because I'm finding it rather hard to stay away from this old thing. Who would have thought? The only reason I haven't posted (and I'm sure many of you would have guessed by now, and if you haven't you can read on and pretend you did) is, yes, because of THE PLAY. I had rehearsal Sunday night and last night, but not tonight, so that's lovely as it means the directors [from hell] feel that we don't need some intensive cruelty menthod imposed on us to make us act as if we are living in WW2. It's actually quite hard to do.

Tomorrow is opening night.

I'm getting to the part of the process which, especially in this case, is the best part. I've been in enough productions now to know that this is definitely, by far the worst in terms of rehearsals and blocking process etc, but it's still exciting to know that we will be performing it. I'm glad that I'm finally getting some sort of joy out of this experience, because then it would just have been a waste of A LOT of time. I can actually work out how many hours I've put into this thing.


Uh, I wasn't even expecting it to be that long. And this isn't counting the actual production performances themselves :S. Then my total will be about 83 hours, give or take. wow.

Huh. Bit shocked really.

Anyway, so I posted a video onnnn Sunday? Sunday, I think, and yes, it was a song I wrote AGES ago but didn't put it up as it was intended for a collaborative video that fell through (poor Nick :P) so now I decided to use it in order to fill in some time.

I'll post once this is all over. I really can't wait.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Is cool.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Ha. Thought you'd seen the last of me for a little while, hadn't you?

Actually I wasn't planning on writing a blog today, but I'm at my friend Steph's house, on her laptop, and thought, hay, why not?

I'm here because she needed someone to sit in a chair and pretend that they were sunbathing for her art project. So I was wearing a bikini in [insert temperature] degrees, haha which was fun! And now we're about to get ready for a friend's 18th dinner thing, which should be lovely. I need something like this after two SACs this week. English went well, Classics...not so sure. Hopefully alright but I really don't want to think about it.

It's kind of nice to write one of these without having to write it. hmm. despite how short it is. I'm just looking forward to my one free day tomorrow for the weekend (during which I will be doing work...) and then another 7 hour play rehearsal. Actually I have rehearsal every day next week. That's Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then the actual production on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. BUT THEN IT WILL BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!