Tuesday, May 5, 2009

# oh wait we aren't numbering them anymore... (darn habbits)

I almost felt like making the title longer than the blog post after writing that out. But I won't be mean.

So whats new, whats new... I seem to be having BEDA withdrawal pain because I'm finding it rather hard to stay away from this old thing. Who would have thought? The only reason I haven't posted (and I'm sure many of you would have guessed by now, and if you haven't you can read on and pretend you did) is, yes, because of THE PLAY. I had rehearsal Sunday night and last night, but not tonight, so that's lovely as it means the directors [from hell] feel that we don't need some intensive cruelty menthod imposed on us to make us act as if we are living in WW2. It's actually quite hard to do.

Tomorrow is opening night.

I'm getting to the part of the process which, especially in this case, is the best part. I've been in enough productions now to know that this is definitely, by far the worst in terms of rehearsals and blocking process etc, but it's still exciting to know that we will be performing it. I'm glad that I'm finally getting some sort of joy out of this experience, because then it would just have been a waste of A LOT of time. I can actually work out how many hours I've put into this thing.


Uh, I wasn't even expecting it to be that long. And this isn't counting the actual production performances themselves :S. Then my total will be about 83 hours, give or take. wow.

Huh. Bit shocked really.

Anyway, so I posted a video onnnn Sunday? Sunday, I think, and yes, it was a song I wrote AGES ago but didn't put it up as it was intended for a collaborative video that fell through (poor Nick :P) so now I decided to use it in order to fill in some time.

I'll post once this is all over. I really can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Liv, have your cast go on strike demand payments :D a royalty of the tickets :)
Seriously, how can i see said play?

Fwanc said...

Maybe she should go youtube bitz of it?

Anonymous said...


just play! have no fear! art is a galaxy! shine like a star! :)))