Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School Tights.

I am sorry, but how hard is it to ask for a pair of tights that WON'T get holes in the feet area after one use? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Furthermore, these babies cost about $15-$20 each and as my school insists on allocating a colour that is not really conventional, we can't find them anywhere cheaper.

Of course the alternative is to wear socks, but you see, I don't for several reasons: 1) They fall down and you are continuously having to lean down and pull them up to their approved knee-length. 2) They are a disgusting brown colour and 3) They do nothing to protect you from the winter wind.

My point is, they should make sturdier tights.

Thank you. This has been a Pointless Liv Blog Post as she prepares to begin her homework.


Richard said...

never worn tights myself ;) If they only last one use, then you should take them back for a replacement. Legally goods for sale must be fit for the purpose that they are sold and obviously lasting only one use they are not !
Hope you can put some photos of the play up somewhere

Fwanc said...

Oh yeah, tights are terrible!
I once had a pair I wore and in the first day I had a ladder and pulled threads where it stuck to velco. Grr!

Anonymous said...

very bad you can't wear jeans - 'school jeans'...

Rachel said...

What colour tights do you have to wear? Here in the UK there are some good ones by M&S, or Wolford which I love:) I wonder if they do your colour.