Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Woes of a 14 year old

Sigh. At this very minute I'm listening to my sister talk about boys over phone msn. Neither of our doors are closed because a) I was playing Gunther and wanted to see how long it would take her to yell at me (she strangely never did...), b) she never shuts her door and c) I'm about to go downstairs and get some tea.

So before I get The Drink That Heals all, I thought I would write a blog post. Two days in a row :O getting a bit BEDA-Esq isn't it? Speaking of posting, did you guys like me posting every day? Would you like some more effort on blogging on my part? These questions aren't Rhetorical. =]. I should take this moment to thank everyone who reads my blogs actually, and all the regular and sometimes one-time commenters, you are all great =].

I'm so tired.

I thought about explaining yesterday's post in more depth. I don't think I will. Just know that I have no problem with life, I think I was just talking about the severe mortality of everything. And I mean everything.

I'm going to go get my tea now =]


Anonymous said...

Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

I misread the title!

I'm tired too :-D

Alaska said...

seeing as no-one else (yet) has left you an answer i would like to.

yes more blogs, unless you are incredibly busy =]

Richard said...

Actually, I believe it is woes :).

Regarding the regularity of your blogs, I'm happy to read as much as you want to write, but schoolwork should have the priority. The end is near, keep focused!
Talking about you :) we have been with you through the pain of your rehearsals and angst of your exams.
It would be nice to see some photos of the play and hear about your results :)

Regarding the severe mortality of everything, I heard an interesting take on that on Sunday morning,
One of the reasons for our short lives is to put a limit to the amount any one person can screw up the world and to limit the extent that the Francos, Tito's Mugabe's, Packer's Murdoch's of the world can use their power to control the lives of others .

That being said I also believe that you can have true purpose and meaning in life :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be participating in BEMJ (Blog Every Minute June)? I think you should :) BEMJ is sweeping the net and everyone who is anyone is doing it. You can still sleep and do BEMJ aswell, you simply set your alarm clock to 30 second intervals, write a blog for 30 seconds then sleep for 30, rinse and repeat. Wouldn't want to miss a BEMJ entry :P

Anonymous said...

i lmao at gjalex's comment

Fwanc said...

BEMJ? Doesn't that sound like great fun! I'll start doing it and see how long it takes me to collapse from sleep deprivation!

Tomas said...

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