Friday, May 1, 2009


Ha. Thought you'd seen the last of me for a little while, hadn't you?

Actually I wasn't planning on writing a blog today, but I'm at my friend Steph's house, on her laptop, and thought, hay, why not?

I'm here because she needed someone to sit in a chair and pretend that they were sunbathing for her art project. So I was wearing a bikini in [insert temperature] degrees, haha which was fun! And now we're about to get ready for a friend's 18th dinner thing, which should be lovely. I need something like this after two SACs this week. English went well, Classics...not so sure. Hopefully alright but I really don't want to think about it.

It's kind of nice to write one of these without having to write it. hmm. despite how short it is. I'm just looking forward to my one free day tomorrow for the weekend (during which I will be doing work...) and then another 7 hour play rehearsal. Actually I have rehearsal every day next week. That's Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then the actual production on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. BUT THEN IT WILL BE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!




Nick said...

since you've put it out there, someone is inevitably going to say it (we both know how the internet works), and so in order to get it out of the way, and because it's better that someone who you know is joking says it than some random (again, this is the internet:

pictures? ^-^

there: male creepiness/mandatory internet sexism is satisfied.

nice to see you're keeping up blogging, although, you know, you never really HAD to. I think it's awesome that you were able to commit to blogging every day for an entire month - you could have so easily just given up, and, ultimately, it wouldn't have really mattered. But you kept going, so well done you!

As for play rehearsals: I'm so sorry, but, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Richard said...

Hope your play is a great success Liv

Richard said...

Wearing a bikini in 14deg certainly shows you are committed to your friends. Good on you :) hope she had a heater on :)

Anonymous said...


Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

LOL @ Nick

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm better than anybody else,
But I'll be damned i I don't ask for pictues! :D

^^oklahoma reference :D^^

Btw, is said production to be recorded?

Anonymous said...

What's the production of?

Richy. said...

Keep it up Liv!

All those hours will pay off. I look forward to the recap :)

Anonymous said...

Wow they should just have one rehersal session the day before the play. Sounds quite extreme as is but then again, whatever doesn't kill you occasionally makes you stronger. This might be one such occasion.