Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Over


Basically; surprisingly, the play was deemed "the best production seen in years."


Actually, I can understand why. You see, it was a good play - but that didn't make it any less excruciatingly painful. The whole cast was actually rather shocked at how well it was received.

We were waiting for people to walk out during the performances, because how could the audience not see how painful it had been for us? Couldn't they make out the tired circles around our eyes, or the bruises on our legs? They probably couldn't see it through the stage make-up, which was, incidentally, pale faces and a black tint under our eyes like those dreaded dark circles caused by lack of sleep; nightmares; fear.

But didn't the crowd notice our aching muscles, our strained gaits, our desperation to be OUT of there? No, they just probably thought our acting was phenomenal - what else would prisoners of war look like? Definitely not energetic, absolutely not fresh, and awake. And pragmatically, there would be a desperation to escape.

So I suppose those aspects helped us, rather than hindered us. Great.

Although, I'll admit, performing was fantastic. My character, while not having many lines, was onstage basically 80% of the time, so I never got a moment to relax and bring myself back to be myself. I forgot about the crowd ogling at us, and only thought about what was happening around me. Which I'm thankful about. I was even able to cry on cue, on the first night. That's kind of awesome.


Richard said...

Good on you Liv, I was involved with front of house on many plays at school and no matter how bad it looked at rehearsals, It all came together on the night. Those glasses look like they are part of you.
Go for it :)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Liv
How were the parties afterwards? :p

Richy. said...

Well done Liv, I'm glad to hear it was a success!

Anonymous said...

it's over the moon!

Richard said...

Hey don't be upset that you have perfect vision, be thankful !