Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blood from the Sun

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t tell me that you couldn’t see the signs.

Why do I feel like this isn’t being taken seriously? Why? Because you aren’t taking this seriously. You aren’t, are you? You don’t understand what will happen. It is going to happen. It is.

My mind is seething with absolute fury. Arms and legs tense as I stand there, not responding to simple, direct commands: relax; breath. My vision is clouded with a succulent red, blooming like a flower whilst I glare into the sun. And when my eyes draw themselves away, the blindness caused from staring into bright light turns the colour dark, deepening with every second until it resembles quite comparatively the salty colour of blood. My gaze shifts again. There, on the ground, splashed beneath my knelt body. I frown, try to feel the pain that should have been wrapping itself around my mind and twisting my limbs. No pain. A lift of my head, and there I see it.

I had done it. Oh god, I had done it.

[I can assure you I have no murderous thoughts. I have no idea where that actually came from. I just wrote it down while waiting for some videos to load.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I miss my wireless. Seriously, I feel so restricted. I can't imagine how I would have been BEFORE I actually went to France... i was on the net so much more than I am now. I think it's just the lack of practicality to it; being unable to go online wherever I wish.

Anyway, when I can be by myself and type I'll write a better blog, but I just want to say how much I'm enjoying school this year. Which is mainly because I adore all my subjects, and basically want to carry on with at least three when I go to Uni (I take five subjects and two of these are interchangeable so there's no point in keeping both up).

I have a meeting with the school's careers counsellor tomorrow, which will be interesting, as she is a bitch. But then again, all the teacher that couldn't give a damn every other year I've been at school have been wonder full this year. It's almost as if I'm at a completely different school - for the three years I've been there, during about two thirds or it I was unhappy, until I made some fantastic friends (...and dropped maths). Year 12 has changed everything

I've also started writing each night before I go to bed, mainly to keep it up as practise (most of my subjects require writing skillzz) but I'm actually happy with the prologue I came up with, just writing what first came to my mind. (I wonder where the hell my thoughts come from, actually. It's rather strange.) I'm considering posting it here, maybe. Don't hold me to that. Let me know if you're interested! I really appreciate comments!! REALLY!!! =] (sorry that sounds really forceful, i wasn't screaming. lol)

And concerning Silver Sky, no, I haven't forgotten =] I just haven't had time to type it up. I'll get to it, sorry to leave you hanging if you read it.

So I'm glad that an aspect of my life is going well, it keeps my mind off the lack of certain things/things I'm missing in other parts of my life. Not going to go into that.



Monday, February 16, 2009

This definitely wont be long

Yeah I have a feeling this will come up black. I'm pretty much pointlessly writing this on my phone because wireless = pain at the moment so I have to rely on this baby for my late night net fix

so I decided to write a blog.

Yeah this is too hard.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

why isn't twitter working???????????????????????????

Monday, February 9, 2009

With an Unfortunate Lack Of Sleep

I've accumulated this tiredness over a couple of nights, and it's safe to say that if I don't get enough sleep tonight I possibly will fall asleep at school tomorrow. On the bright side, I only have four lessons. Though, I will be using my double spare to study. Brilliant.

I've been neglecting this blog a little this week. I started Year 12, realised how much work it was going to be and re-evaluated my Internet time. However today I've spent a significant amount of time online because mindlessness is all I can handle currently. I am aiming for a little fluidity in this blog post because my usual "dis happened then dis happened and zomg it was awsume" way of writing can tire me sometimes. Not that I will stop with that. It's easier.

Regarding School, I absolutely love all my classes and teachers this year. English is such an improvement because of my actual teacher, as is French. The irony in this is I have the same teacher as last year. I'm finding the class alarmingly easy after my escape over to the country in question this summer/winter (which was the point of the trip) and I believe the fact that as my class actually has the need and want to learn, my teacher is willing to teach us with some enthusiasm.
I have amazing friends at school and I now get to spend more time with them during spare periods, and in our Year 12 common room, which is most definitely the best part of school this year, I can already tell. It brings the whole year level together, and teaches us patience as we wait in our little kitchen with our cups ready for milk for our teas and offer to add an additional slice of bread to the toaster for our comrades. (I actually hate the word comrade.. reminds me too much of Animal Farm. Just like I hate the word parody. Not sure why, it's just annoying.)

I've been writing this instead of analysing a criticism of Alice Munro's short story Boys and Girls. I should get back to that.
[I'd recommend Munro's stories actually, what I've read of her collections so far is mind-staggeringly clever]