Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I miss my wireless. Seriously, I feel so restricted. I can't imagine how I would have been BEFORE I actually went to France... i was on the net so much more than I am now. I think it's just the lack of practicality to it; being unable to go online wherever I wish.

Anyway, when I can be by myself and type I'll write a better blog, but I just want to say how much I'm enjoying school this year. Which is mainly because I adore all my subjects, and basically want to carry on with at least three when I go to Uni (I take five subjects and two of these are interchangeable so there's no point in keeping both up).

I have a meeting with the school's careers counsellor tomorrow, which will be interesting, as she is a bitch. But then again, all the teacher that couldn't give a damn every other year I've been at school have been wonder full this year. It's almost as if I'm at a completely different school - for the three years I've been there, during about two thirds or it I was unhappy, until I made some fantastic friends (...and dropped maths). Year 12 has changed everything

I've also started writing each night before I go to bed, mainly to keep it up as practise (most of my subjects require writing skillzz) but I'm actually happy with the prologue I came up with, just writing what first came to my mind. (I wonder where the hell my thoughts come from, actually. It's rather strange.) I'm considering posting it here, maybe. Don't hold me to that. Let me know if you're interested! I really appreciate comments!! REALLY!!! =] (sorry that sounds really forceful, i wasn't screaming. lol)

And concerning Silver Sky, no, I haven't forgotten =] I just haven't had time to type it up. I'll get to it, sorry to leave you hanging if you read it.

So I'm glad that an aspect of my life is going well, it keeps my mind off the lack of certain things/things I'm missing in other parts of my life. Not going to go into that.




Richard said...

Liv, Glad to hear that you are enjoying year 12 :) if what you are thinking of posting is as good as your prose in Silver sky .. OF COURSE we want to read it :)

lazyage said...

it's good to know that you apperciate the comments. i somehow feel the need to post a comment on everything i read or watch and always wonder if it bugs people seeing me all over the place XD

but seriously you know i want you to post your story, though i wont keep my hopes up as you arn't very good at keeping promises lol

oh and finally i know what you mean about how all your teacher's attitudes suddenly change in year 12 and they actually seem to care about how you do. just beware though that at the end they will try and take all the credit when really it was all you!

i think this comment will be longer than your post so i'll shut up now. Adrian

Wholistic said...

If you are interesting in writing, and where it comes from I can highly recommend a book called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.

She encourages three pages of consciousness clearing journal a day.

Anonymous said...

Um, calling your comments intellectual remarks is a little condescending I feel. People who aren't intellectual, who aren't that intellignet may still read and want to comment on your blog.

It's not their fault that they haven't been born with the gift of great intellignece like a minority have...we're all different and if this wasn't the case the world would be a pretty boring place.

Still, from a middle ages guy drinking gin to a girl doing her HSC (or whatever Mexicans call it), keep up the good work.

Oh, visited Melbourne for first time last week and fell in love with your city!!!

Richard said...

Hope you feel better soon Liv and post your story !

lj63209102 said...

good luck for you..hope everything is fine....
just know you in youtube by chance today....
you're lovely...
best wishes~~~

Benjii said...

People wouldn't be reading your blog if they weren't interested in what you write!
Besides, the benefit of the the electronic and internet age is if people don't care to read what you have written, then they can skip it :)

Freedom is the best. Wireless provides that! What happened to it? (I'm not up to date with your blogs in case you've said previously)

I'm looking at getting a new laptop so I can simply be free and write and blog anywhere!

Roger said...

I think you need to brush up on your spelling a bit: 'practice' and you typed 'breath' instead of 'breathe' in your 'blood from the sun entry. Speaking of that, try not to use too many descriptives, as too many can make it difficult to read and follow. Sometimes simple descriptions are much more powerful...