Saturday, December 27, 2008

One of my many frequent updates...

Yes i do suck. I know. I think I just honestly just kept forgetting to update here. It's not from lack of internet or anything. I think I've just been lazy with my blog. And, I'm not all too sure what to write about, there is so much to tell. It's difficult to catagorize it all and actaually write it down. Another reason I probably haven't updated is because I've been keeping a diary, so I actually have written about every single day so far, three weeks worth and half of my journal is full.
Alright so, France:

I stand by saying that the first part of my trip was the best part, when i was with seven other girls on exchange. Honestly it was one of the most amazing times of my LIFE, just being in Paris with these girls i wasn't necessarily close to before hand (NOW is a different story), eating in french cafes and creating a list of all our funny/hilarious/embarrasing moments while together. I don't have it with me here, another girl was in charge of it (yes, it's that important to us, we have to have someone to 'guard the list' haha).

But inclusive in the list is
- Me falling UP the stairs at the virgin megastore, standing up and then proceeding to fall again
- Gigantic strawberry candy
- Drunk Santa Clauses on the Champs Elysee, walking around with their beards half on and asking if anyone would give them a cigarette
- Being called sluts in a supermarket
- Our teacher being spoken to at the airport by the police (we thought this to be hilarious)
- Dragging ourselves downstairs to the hotel restaurant on the first night after not sleeping for FOURTY hours, our excuse being "We have to go down because Mr Luscombe (our teacher) will be eating alone".
- Our teacher not coming to dinner because he fell asleep
- Being on the Eiffle Tower, right at the top, and not being able to see anything because it started SNOWING!!
- Being frozen because of said snow and walking around in circles for 20 minutes trying to find a cafe and thus the Hot Chocolate

Those are the ones i can remember, we have many more, most of them inside jokes that require further explanation, but The List is awesome. I might make a vlog about it when i get back home in THREE WEEKS. I'm halfway through, and happy about that. The rest of my France trip hasn't been as fantastic, but still quite fun after the first week (i had intense homesickness then, and just being in a strange home in a different country made it quite hard to cope). I'll (hopefully) write another blog about daily french life or something next week, if i remember lol.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

En France

Bonjour tous les mondes,
I seriously don't know where to begin, so far france is amazing. A lot to get used to though, everything is different. Most of this is good different, the food for example. The cold isn't. It was -2 degrees celcius this morning, so ahhh, freezing. I wont type a long blog today because i really need to get used to this keyboard, it's azerty instead of qwerty and really confusing. More details to come.

à bien tot

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick Update


I think I've packed everything. I hope so. Don't really want to forget anything.... but i'll just have to deal with that. I've got about 8 books that I'm taking with me, possibly two more depending on whether I finish them before I leave or not. Ohhh, one of those is Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling, I urge everyone to go out and buy it. Proceeds go to charity, and it is just amazing. I've read about two of the short stories so far and I love it. Now I'm rambling, this was supposed to be short and sweet.

I was asked how I went on exams: quite well. Considering I didn't study for my year 11 exams, only for my year 12 one, i got satisfactory marks. Except, I got an A in English, which is a good thing, sure, except I'd wanted to NOT get an A, because i made a deal with myself that I would drop English and only take Literature next year unless I got an A (because it was unlikely, I'm usually a B student when it comes to English). So grrrr. It probably sounds stupid to say I want to drop a subject that i'm moderately good at, but English in Victoria is a terrible course, compared to Literature. I find the latter so incredibly worth while. Ah well, I'll just have to do both.

And now I shall stop writing and go read and then sleep and then go to the airport and the board a plane to Singapore and then board another plane to France.

I'll update when I can!!! BYEBYE!!!