Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ok. Life is better now. You guys have no idea.

Technically right now I should be striving to start on the massive pile of next-weeks readings. I even like the content, but, well, you know. Procrastination, etc.

Uni so far is awesome. So awesome. I get to write for my assessments. No essays, no structured-research-papers-that-make-me-want-to-scream (well actually there are one or two, but they don't make up the majority of my assessment. S'all good), no MLA and Chicago and Harvard citing (cough, see last parenthesis). I get to write creatively, and that makes me SO HAPPY. Poems and creative non-fiction and, indeed, a blog. Yay! I'm pretty much in my element thanks to my double major. Now that I've passed the torture of first-year general-ness, the subjects and content have become something I actually want and need to study. Also, the lecturer for Poetry is hilarious. Definitely going to have some stories from that.

Also this week I found out I got the job I mentioned aaaages ago. Finally. I've put off searching for other part-time work since I quit bar tending because I was hoping so desperately to be hired for this one. During the four months it took them to offer me a position, I had a phone interview, a group interview, a personal interview, another group interview to meet the boss, and then I was security checked. Then I waited and waited and stared at my phone, and waited still, and emailed, and called, left a message, waited, called again, finally got through, was told to wait some more...
It was a very very very very long, agonising process.

Who cares. I got it in the end!!!!!