Thursday, November 27, 2008

Failure and France

So I've decided that there's no possible way that I'll be able to finish nanowrimo by the end of the month, or even this year. I'm incredibly mad at myself for not being more dedicated lately, though I know I have good excuses, some which I'll talk about here. I'm sorry to anyone who has been reading my progress, but I really can't continue with it right now.

I'm leaving for France on exchange for six weeks in one week from tomorrow. Regarding this, I'm terrified, excited, apprehensive, sad, and probably every other adjective existing - yet those are the main ones. As you can see only one of those is actually positive, but i would like to point out that excited for me is a huge emotion. Last week I had my exams, during which I still wrote quite a bit, but that's where I began to falter. I thought I would have time to finish my novel this week, but as it turns out, I've been unceasingly busy every single day and won't have any time at all until I leave. Sitting down and trying to write now has just been a nightmare, I suddenly had a huge headache, and looking at my word count of only 27,200 words, I knew I couldn't continue with the time frame I have. So there.

Basically, I've been in the city everyday this week, except Monday when I had a three hour English exam. Tuesday i had the most wonderful time with my beloved cousin Elisa in the city, yesterday I had Speech Night (A night that rewards hard working students and punishes the others with incredibly long speeches and singing which is such a high key it hurts to sing), I've been catching up with friends before I leave, exchanging euros, tomorrow I'll be participating in a coffee-making course which will hopefully look nice and pretty on my resume, then getting a hair cut (eep), this weekend I'm seeing more friends, then monday getting exams back and more friends, tuesday hopefully hopefully seeing Chris, then carols service rehersals wednesday, then seeing a pre-screening of twilight (which I would have missed because I leave before it actually comes out), then thursday is the last day of school (which is a half day), then going into the city to buy beedle the bard, and then Friday I am LEAVING.

That is a sum up of the past four days and of the next seven in front of me. Excluding the small details of course, but it's a lot. So I'm quite stressed at the moment, plus the whole leaving the country thing, and the person that I want to talk to most is far away and it's difficult to talk to them at the moment, because of certain circumstances. So I'm trying to deal, but it's hard.

And now I'm going to post this.

I'd like to clarify that I'm definitely going to be posting blogs while I'm in France, so if you all want to read about that, then you can =] hope you do. Sorry this is so long.

you blink. the day comes. you leave.

Monday, November 17, 2008

as yet unknown

(I was going to change the title after i'd written this but I think i'll leave it. =])

So in explanation of my last post: at the time I was going through the torture that we call exams. And am still going through it. November 13th I had my legal studies exam, which honestly is the only one i care about because it was the only exam that actually counts. It's a 3/4 subject at year 12 level, so it was quite important. I won't go into the complexities of the Australian (well, Victorian) Schooling System if you aren't Australian because then your mind will probably explode. Speaking of people's heads exploding, I've gotten myself a couple of extra followers recently *waves*.

I've come to the conclusion that facebook is a great deal more stalkerish than twitter, and somehow i have started to use it heaps recently. I did not want this to happen. I'd finally managed to break my Myspace addiction (i barely ever go on it now) because i decided that Youtube and Twitter were enough, but apparenly my mind needs to be addicted to more than two sites at one time. Yay me?

Nano is going ok, I have about 20,000 words which is great! I need to get to thirty thousand soon though or I will be incredibly behind. And then I get to write another 20,000 words!! This really is hard. Is anyone else doing Nanowrimo?? I want to know if anyone has actually found it easy. I've reached a point in my novel where i'm completly out of my comfort zone and have to actually be creative. Oh dear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My inner Eco-Nerdfighter is angry at the rest of me

So when I did work experience in year 10, I learned a lot. I went to the office of public prosecutions (which is a law firm), and spent a week going to court with random lawyers, i saw criminals up close, met an actual judge in his chambers (that's really rare for people on work experience. I'm special =]. I was terrified at first, because I'd just seen him at work, ruling on a couple of Appeals, and he was SO intimidating. But then I met him and he was really nice. Judges put the mean face on to scare the criminals), got taken around the County Court after hours with that same judge's Associate, whose name was Zero (I'm not joking), was made to spend one of the days in the law firm's legal library and research something that I can't remember, and discovered that lawyers are the sole reason that all the trees in the world are cut down for paper. I'm dead serious, the lawyer i was with for that week had literally piles of huge folders filled with pages and pages of reports and cases etc. I was actually shocked.

The point of my story is, the reason we are having the whole environmental-paper-shortage is because of lawyers. And VCE students. Such as me.

Ironically, what I printed out (about 20 pages front/back) were practice Legal Studies examinations.

Now I must get back to work, my exam is TOMORROW and feel like I've been working forever, and that I haven't gotten anywhere with my study. =[ I'll be glad when it's all finished.

Oh and I'm really happy with how my nanowrimo is turning out ^_^ Once this exam is over, I'm going to put a lot more effort into it. The problem with my plot is that, it would have been much better to do in like, 10 years when i've read more books. And had time to research properly. Ah well, I'll just wing it.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm sitting in the state library in Melbourne, in the weird science section because it's the only place where I could find a little work station thing. It's raining and I can hear it even though this room is huge. I love that sound.

The weather is reflecting my mood perfectly, and if it's going to continue to do so, then Melbourne, don't be expecting any sunshine until around January. If things work out.

I'm absolutely elated that Obama is the president-elect, though I am fuming at whatever idiots decided to vote YES on prop 8, it seriously made me lose faith for the portion of humanity who can't get off their high horses and realise that times are changing. The good thing is that if we keep going and developing as a whole society, in ten years prop 8 will be abolished anyway, because acceptance of people's choices WILL come. It just needs time to settle.

I apologise if you supported prop 8, but then again, no, im not sorry.

Oh, hello thunder.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Caved In

Despite it being the worst time POSSIBLE to be writing anything but Legal Studies work, I've decided to start NaNoWriMo this year. I was mucking around on Word last night with something I'd written once just to let frustration out, and I ended up editing it, then just kept going. :S. So now I have a prologue and chapter 1 made up of 1,901 words. And a tentative name: Silver Sky. That will change, it's way too silly, but it makes sense for the moment. So, I will like to ask nicely^_^ if you want, can you pleeease to take a look at what I've done so far, and if you enjoy, follow my progress? A little input would be really great, let me know if it's a dud cause then I will have a good excuse to stop an concentrate on actual school work. Which is what I'm going to go and do now.

But if you want to take a look, here is Silver Sky

The stars sing, immobilized in the sky. Flecks of light dotting an endless black sea that hides more secrets possible than the mortal mind could ever imagine. We are, after all, just another speck of light, floating in nothing but hidden thoughts and closed minds. The mysteries we seek live out of reach, closed off by boundaries of a thousand years.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paper Towns

No spoilers =]

It is mandatory that everyone who exists on earth should read this book. Paper Towns by John Green. If you don't I will somehow force you to and instead of being angry at me for making you read something you don't want to read you will be so happy that all your bitter feelings towards me will leave and you will forever be thankful to have read such an amazing book. That was not supposed to be one whole sentence. I am so tired, I was reading for I-Don't-Know-How-Many-Hours straight and my eye lids are currently having a furious battle with my actual eyes who are saying, "No! You must write a blog about Paper Towns to tell people how awesome it is and then watch the rest of Act 1 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog," and my eye lids are like, "No! You must go to sleep because that awesome book that you just read made you really tired as generally reading for that amount of time makes you sleepy."

If I can actually get out what I want to say about this book without falling asleep right at the keyboard, all I know is that when I finished Paper Towns I looked at life from a whole new perspective. I can't even believe that only a couple of hours ago I pictured all that I know differently. Amazing how something such as a book can change everything. I love it more than Looking for Alaska, which until today was my absolute favorite book apart from Harry Potter. The fact that John Green and J.K Rowling are both my heros is saying something, as Jo Rowling has brought me so much in life through her writing and the fandom that she created. John Green ( and Hank of course) have brought me that as well. I am a Nerdfighter, as so many Youtubers are as well. Knowing that I share something like that with thousands of people, even if I only have spoken to an incredibly small portion, awes me. The thing with nerdfighters is that we all understand each other; we share something. It's hard to explain the whole concept to someone who isn't a nerdfighter, as the "Made of Awesome" theory is something that at times can sound strange to a non-nerdfighter.

With John Green, reading takes on a new perspective. I'm serious, please read his book.

If you have already, then YAY! You should understand perfectly what I am talking about.