Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My inner Eco-Nerdfighter is angry at the rest of me

So when I did work experience in year 10, I learned a lot. I went to the office of public prosecutions (which is a law firm), and spent a week going to court with random lawyers, i saw criminals up close, met an actual judge in his chambers (that's really rare for people on work experience. I'm special =]. I was terrified at first, because I'd just seen him at work, ruling on a couple of Appeals, and he was SO intimidating. But then I met him and he was really nice. Judges put the mean face on to scare the criminals), got taken around the County Court after hours with that same judge's Associate, whose name was Zero (I'm not joking), was made to spend one of the days in the law firm's legal library and research something that I can't remember, and discovered that lawyers are the sole reason that all the trees in the world are cut down for paper. I'm dead serious, the lawyer i was with for that week had literally piles of huge folders filled with pages and pages of reports and cases etc. I was actually shocked.

The point of my story is, the reason we are having the whole environmental-paper-shortage is because of lawyers. And VCE students. Such as me.

Ironically, what I printed out (about 20 pages front/back) were practice Legal Studies examinations.

Now I must get back to work, my exam is TOMORROW and feel like I've been working forever, and that I haven't gotten anywhere with my study. =[ I'll be glad when it's all finished.

Oh and I'm really happy with how my nanowrimo is turning out ^_^ Once this exam is over, I'm going to put a lot more effort into it. The problem with my plot is that, it would have been much better to do in like, 10 years when i've read more books. And had time to research properly. Ah well, I'll just wing it.

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Richard said...

I'll pray for you Liv