Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm sitting in the state library in Melbourne, in the weird science section because it's the only place where I could find a little work station thing. It's raining and I can hear it even though this room is huge. I love that sound.

The weather is reflecting my mood perfectly, and if it's going to continue to do so, then Melbourne, don't be expecting any sunshine until around January. If things work out.

I'm absolutely elated that Obama is the president-elect, though I am fuming at whatever idiots decided to vote YES on prop 8, it seriously made me lose faith for the portion of humanity who can't get off their high horses and realise that times are changing. The good thing is that if we keep going and developing as a whole society, in ten years prop 8 will be abolished anyway, because acceptance of people's choices WILL come. It just needs time to settle.

I apologise if you supported prop 8, but then again, no, im not sorry.

Oh, hello thunder.


Nick said...

Ha, the comments are called "Intellectual Comments". Intellectual Comments...on the internet...HA!

Anyway, it is rather depressing to hear about Proposition 8, but at least we can console ourselves that it was a close run thing. I mean, that's a step towards progress, yeah?

And sadly it means I miss out on my favorite lesbian TV personality (Ellen DeGeneres) tying the knot. DAMN, that would have been one hell of a wedding.

And they voted a black guy in over a war veteran. Now THAT'S progress.

quark said...

You apologise, but you're not sorry? You sound like John Howard