Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paper Towns

No spoilers =]

It is mandatory that everyone who exists on earth should read this book. Paper Towns by John Green. If you don't I will somehow force you to and instead of being angry at me for making you read something you don't want to read you will be so happy that all your bitter feelings towards me will leave and you will forever be thankful to have read such an amazing book. That was not supposed to be one whole sentence. I am so tired, I was reading for I-Don't-Know-How-Many-Hours straight and my eye lids are currently having a furious battle with my actual eyes who are saying, "No! You must write a blog about Paper Towns to tell people how awesome it is and then watch the rest of Act 1 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog," and my eye lids are like, "No! You must go to sleep because that awesome book that you just read made you really tired as generally reading for that amount of time makes you sleepy."

If I can actually get out what I want to say about this book without falling asleep right at the keyboard, all I know is that when I finished Paper Towns I looked at life from a whole new perspective. I can't even believe that only a couple of hours ago I pictured all that I know differently. Amazing how something such as a book can change everything. I love it more than Looking for Alaska, which until today was my absolute favorite book apart from Harry Potter. The fact that John Green and J.K Rowling are both my heros is saying something, as Jo Rowling has brought me so much in life through her writing and the fandom that she created. John Green ( and Hank of course) have brought me that as well. I am a Nerdfighter, as so many Youtubers are as well. Knowing that I share something like that with thousands of people, even if I only have spoken to an incredibly small portion, awes me. The thing with nerdfighters is that we all understand each other; we share something. It's hard to explain the whole concept to someone who isn't a nerdfighter, as the "Made of Awesome" theory is something that at times can sound strange to a non-nerdfighter.

With John Green, reading takes on a new perspective. I'm serious, please read his book.

If you have already, then YAY! You should understand perfectly what I am talking about.


Anonymous said...

Paper Towns was Made of Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liv,

Nice work on your Blog and Youtube page. I can see that you have put a lot of hard work and passion into your videos. Its great to see fellow Aussie's getting massive Youtube exposure. Keep up the entertainment :P


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wondering if you can get it in Australia yet. Can't Find a copy Anywhere in Tassie, A really don't want to wait for shipping from America if I don't have to.

Liv =] said...

I wish I could reply to comments on this. Argh. Justin if you see this, I actually had to buy it off Amazon, cause it's not out in Australia yet, but we are apparently going to get it at some point, just not too sure when.