Monday, October 27, 2008

Lesson Learned??

Never, EVER start a book that you know will be excellent when you are in the middle of an exam/solo/life crisis.

'Cause you know what will happen my faithful (hopefully =P) blogreaders? You will NOT put it down and read until TWO in the morning therefore getting less than FIVE hours sleep and be registered as "out of it" for the rest of the day. You will then precede to go home and finish said book, reading all afternoon, because you understand that if you never finish it, then it will be pulling at you and just keep drawing you back until the last page is turned.

The book is finished, and then there is a huge weight off your chest. Return to normal routine.

10:00pm you realize that there is a history assignment due tomorrow that you haven't started, because it's the type of thing that can be done last minute, but that isn't advised.

...And still haven't started, as this blog post is being created. Now going to get another -5 hours sleep after finishing the project.

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Neville said...

Yay for procrastination!!