Thursday, October 2, 2008


This blog is inspired by my trip to Borders today. Walking around the endless rows of hard covers and paperbacks, and dodging through the piles of over-ordered literature on the floor, I pretty much planned out what I was going to write right there. Let's see if I can remember it all.

The first thing I did was actually go and check to see if there were any John Green books at that particular Borders. It's actually the same store that I bought Looking for Alaska from, because I unfortunately couldn't find it everywhere when I was trying to actually read it. There was one copy of Alaska there, which made me incredibly mad (unless of course there had been numerous copies sold out and there was just one left...) because that book - and Katherines too - deserves it's own bookcase display. It is amazing. We don't even have Katherines published in Australia yet. If I ever get to work in a book store (it's seriously my dream part-time job) then I will MAKE SURE that tons and tons of people buy it. Anyway, I then went to the computer to search for Paper Towns, and I found out that the Audio book is available for pre-order, but not the actual paperback. wtf man, wft.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to go to Borders today was to buy Wheel of Time 7, 'cause I'm flying through the 6th and I love to have the next book handy, then I can just go on without any problems. Now, most Borders are pretty huge, this particular one in Chadstone Shopping Center is on three levels, basically the size of a small school. In fact it's probably the same size as my school :S. lol. You'd think that it's size would hold pretty much every book imaginable (it's size really could hold all that). I went to the science fiction section and spent quite a while trying to find Robert Jordan (I suck at finding authors - yes, i know the alphabet, I just always skip the author that I'm looking for. And RJ was right up on the top shelf... hard to seeeeeee) and once i found him, there were about 10 copies of the first wheel of time, one copy of the 8th, 9th and 11th and about 10 copies of the prequel. ARGHH. Walking around later, I discovered that Borders tends to stock multiple copies of Authors that are big NOW, which is fair enough, but when they have so many copies of an Author's books that they make a stack on the floor that i could quite comfortable sit on... well, it seems a bit ridiculous to me. Not that I don't love seeing about 100 copies of all of Jodi Picoult's books around Borders. My point is, they shouldn't stock so many books of one Author and not for others. I don't care if that particular Author isn't exactly popular, or used to be and now people are getting sick of their books/everyone already has them. One day someone is going to want to buy that book, and it won't be there on account of the numerous copies of The Secret River taking up all the space (i HATE that book with a passion. We had to read it for school last year, andfor some insane reason it is (apparently) popular. AUSTRALIAN HISTORY IS BORING AND HOLDS NOTHING OF INTEREST. WHY WOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT IT????? sorry. i just really hated that book. It hurt me to see it there on display it it's multiple glory) . Yes we could order the book into the shop... but that usually takes so long. Days, sometimes weeks. I guess instead we will just have to buy a copy of The Secret River because, you know, it's there. I just really wanted the seventh book. *pouts*

Not that I left empty handed. Oh no. I kind of have a book-buying addiction. Which is fine, I would rather have that than say an addiction to clothes (i need new ones actually :S I haven't bought any clothes in a while) or CD's (i just find books more worthwhile than CDs *cough*Limewire*cough*) but I then always end up with a whole lot of books that need to be read. Not a bad thing either, but, well, cause I'm reading Wheel of Time, and am only onto the 6th book, I'm only halfway there. Oh well, I do love it that i know I will never be without anything to read.
I ended up buying Wicked, cause even though I haven't seen the musical live (watched it online) I've heard it is a great book. I also bought Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult ( i love, love, LOVE her books. I would definitely recommend her, she keeps your stomach in this tight clench until litterally the last page. In suspense, not fear btw) and I got The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, recommended by Rohan ^_^. I really want to read them already. argh. I just need to get through Wheel of Time. I hate stopping in mid series because I never end up going back to read them, and then forget, and then have to start all over again.

P.S I just got this comment on my HP pwns LOTRs video:

Dumbledore is gay, and he is dumb thats why they say "Dumb"ledore
, Gandalf is a badass, Dumbledore just hags out with fucking kids, Gandalf killed a Balrog

lol. Really??

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