Tuesday, October 14, 2008

while watching the new vlogbrothers vid

I opened this window to kill time while the video finished loading. I've got about a minute left, hang on a sec.

Lol. I love Hank. Here's a link if you actually haven't heard of vlogbrothers before. Its a good video to start with. Although you might have to actually do a bit of catching up, but you will be a Nerdfighter in no time!!

I can't even remember what I opened this for in the first place. I know I wanted to write a quick blog before I went and read a little. Last night I got to this really awesome part of the book I'm reading, the 6th Wheel of Time, and I had to stop because I'd already read far too late and it just kept getting better and better.

I think I'll watch that video again and then go right to it. yus.


Michael said...

lol your reading the wheel of time series? your the only other person that ive ever "known" to even have heard of those books lol :P

Impurity said...



Hey dude, i've heard of them!

and im reading the third book...


and they are pretty swell...

wow i said 'swell'. does anybody say swell anymore? or am i just old?

Elias said...

I just saw your video on hating etc...

You're pretty funny :)

But do yourself a favour and pretty please don't try to look angry ever again. It doesn't suit your disposition :)