Sunday, October 19, 2008

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I feel like I've been a tad lazy with my blog. But it's been less than a week since my last post so... not THAT lazy.

If you noticed the title then you may know where this is going. Or not. You might just be thinking that I was going to write another word after 'parents' and instead seemed to have missed the appropriate keys. What I of course meant in the title was parents UKIFGKEJSHGJFSFHJKSF.


Anyway, last night my family attended my aunt's 50th birthday, which I didn't mind because my awesome AWESOME cousin is a member of this family and I try to see her whenever I can, because she is busy with Uni and I'm busy at school so generally we see each other at family gatherings. It's good to see my other cousin too, the cutie.
We arrived to a bunch of already-drunk adults dressed in old school uniforms and jump-suits (the party was themed 'wear something from the past') and found my cousins crowded around where all the food was (meaning we got to everything first and I discovered my love for tiny food servings that were pretty much a mouth orgasm... mmmmm.) When we got bored with the food we decided to go out to the back room and talk. The talk didn't last long because Pretty Woman was on tv. Such a good movie! Richard Gears is HOT. Ok.

At the end of the night my parents rounded me and my sister up, looking quite drunk. I offered to drive home but apparently mother was not THAT drunk. My step-father was apparently, and when he gets drunk he loves to tell me and my sister what annoying bitches we are and told us we weren't welcome in his house (no joke). Anyway, I'm not going to say anymore. He apologized, and I got my foot cut by running away from the house at 1:30am and taking off my high heels so that I wouldn't make any noise. Probably a bad idea.


oh, yeah. said...

oh my.
i'm so sorry. at least you have an epic battle wound?
if it makes you feel any better, my father used to tell me & my family that kind of stuff when he was sober. & now he's all alone in an apartment several miles from my mother, sister and myself. karma, maybe?
anyway, hope your day is lovely and your foot doesn't hurt too much. if it does, i find that sticking hello kitty or glow-in-the-dark band aids often help.

Nick said...

Ouch. Although usually wearing heels results in breaking/twisting an ankle, while screaming effeminately (or so watching movies would have you believe). Hope the foot gets better soon!

"Pretty Woman" - brilliant film. Richard Gear is on top of my list of people who I'd turn gay for.

Oh crap, I just revealed on the internet who I'd turn gay for.

Oh double crap! I just revealed I have a LIST.

BTW sorry to hear about muck-up day. Honey? Well that's certainly an option I hadn't considered...

Also, step-parents are the bitch. I speak from experience. Ignore them, they're tossers.


Dan said...

I'm so sorry to hear this!
But I can't stop wondering where were you running a 1 am?
(i would be still running if i was you)