Friday, June 26, 2009

#6 And sometimes...

... I just don't have anything to blog about. Sorry!

#5 Shorter than I wanted

Of course the time I wanted to make an intense blog post about my day would be the night that I'm tired and can't be bother to type things. DOT POINTS:

  • Woke up, got dressed, ran to meet a friend
  • Saw said friend. Had sushi and donuts. Loved it
  • Returned from seeing previous friend, had txt from another friend, went out to see that friend
  • Saw about five minutes of a Royal Tennis match for the first time in my life. Was intrigued
  • Left friend number two
  • Came home and read
  • Mother and Step-Dad returned from Italy. They came bearing gifts.
  • Tried on gifts
  • Going to go and finish book/start a new one probably
Sorry for vague details but it's late and sleep is needed soonish.

Books read these holidays: 3 (technically #3 isn't finished, but it will be by the time I sleep)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#5 Apple Attack

And not the fruit kind. The technological kind. I've been contemplating the new iPhone (and the old one prior to that :P) since I heard Apple was releasing it. I think I'll buy one after I turn 18, and possibly start a plan now that I'll be old enough to actually sign a contract. I've been using pre-paid since I first got a phone, but I guess it depends which will be the less expensive in the long run. My urge to get an iPhone has been spurred on by my current phone crashing every other time I need to send/receive a txt, and also by my almost unconditional love for my iTouch; if only I could call people on it.

On an Apple related note, I think it's possible that I'll get a new laptop for my birthday. I wasn't going to ask for one, the main reason I need a new laptop is cause my wonderful, cheapskate school needs to take this one back once I conclude my education there. Rather annoying, seeing as the 'lease' we've paid over the three years I've had this laptop has covered the price, and more, quite easily.
I'm probably going to get the 13-inch macbook pro. I thought about macbook air, but tons of people turned me from the idea, and it's also really unnecessarily expensive.

*pauses to let the cat in*

Urgh. I'm becoming a Mac person, aren't I? I can't believe I just wrote a whole blog post about it. My past-PC self is kicking me.

Books read these holidays: 2

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#4 A productive day

I'm not sure how many people would agree that my day was productive. But I feel it was. I woke up, no hangover despite having consumed quite a lot of free wine last night, ate some food, and read all day. That I can finish a book over 3-4 days now is wonderful, whereas during the term it can take me from 3-5 weeks. I dislike that; I hate having to put reading as one of my last priorities. So that's why I am trying to devour as many books while I can. I've got enough piled up on my shelf as it is.

I also just wrote about 300 words of Chasing Us, which may seem small but believe me, I'm happy with it. I've had to train myself to understand that writing a novel should not be like NaNoWriMo, during which you try and expel over 1,000 words a day. That's not healthy. I do, however, need to start writing more consistently. One of the reasons I'm writing this blog every day of the holidays. It's a reminder, as well as a fun hobby that I'd like to continue with.

I had a couple of questions (literally, two :P) so I'll answer them now:

Is driving hard?
Well, yes, it is at first. The first time I drove, in a deserted car park, I was terrified (as was my mum) that I would hit everything in my path, not that there was actually anything in my path. I remember screaming at mum, "Don't let me hit that pole!"
The pole was about 100 metres away. =].

But don't worry, it gets easier. It's never technically simple, cause when you drive you have to constantly be alert, I mean, otherwise there will probably be a big bang, and pain. I love driving, though. It's really calming, once you get used to it =]

Which 3 places would I like to visit and what 3 things would I like to achieve in the next 10 years and why?

I want to go to London, Paris, and the U.S, but I can't narrow it down any further because there are about 100 million places I'd love to go, some of which I'm sure I've never even heard of =]

In the next ten years... I want to continue learning. It doesn't matter what. I'd also like to have a job that I enjoy, or at least that is sustainable, and I'd like to be happy. Preferably for longer than ten years, but I'll take what I can get. (And that doesn't mean I'm not happy now. I'd like to remain happy.)

Now I'm going to continue reading. Bai! See you tomorrow!

Books read these holidays: 1

Monday, June 22, 2009

#3 Waiting for Nails to dry

I'm not altogether sure how successful this post will be, seeing as typing with wet nail polish is not always the best of ideas. However, I don't exactly have the time to wait for them to dry and then type this. So I'm being practical. More for the blog's sake than for my nails.

My driving lesson went rather well. And I pwned the reverse parallel parking yesssss. So I booked my test, which isn't until the 1st September =[ I should've booked it months ago, but ah well. I'm sitting the theory test on Friday, so you can be sure that I'll blog about it.

Anyway, tonight will be short, because I have to continue getting ready for my friend Katie's 18th.

Time for some interaction, perhaps? How are all you guys? Whats new? Any questions for me? I'd love to answer some, as always =]


Books read these holidays: 0 (Almost finished #1)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#2 Intelligent is my favourite kind of Smart People

(The above title is a joke and yes I am aware of how ridiculous it sounds :P)

So last night, my friend Isabelle invited me to partake in Molly Bloom's Night (which was actually the 17th but Saturday night was easier to hold the gathering). If you don't know what that is, then don't worry, I didn't know what it was until I actually sat there and listened. If you do know, yay, you're education has been touched by James Joyce's Ulysses, the alleged 'most brilliant novel of the 20th century' and so immensely difficult to understand that scholars study it for years and still have no idea what the hell Joyce was on about. (So basically Molly Bloom's night is discussion of the Novel, where readers gather and read and eat Irish dishes and it's really fun)

It was actually a wonderful night, one filled with Literary discussion. I was supposed to just be an observer, and was treated as such, until they mentioned the Ulysses link with Homer's Odyssey. I then just blurted out some fact about Epic Poems, and ended up telling everyone about Classical Societies and Cultures (basically just repeating what I've studied for the many SACS we've done this year in that subject). So it was fun, to have some input. They invited me back next year =]. Hopefully by then I will have actually read Ulysses, or at least some of it.

I have a driving lesson tomorrow. That should be interesting. Except, not really, seeing as after completing something like 97 hours out of 120, I'm pretty sure I can drive. At least, I hope so. All I need to be taught now is how to Reverse Parallel Park. Yeah, that one. I will let you know how it goes.

See you tomorrow!

Books read these holidays: 0 (book 1 still in process...)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#1 Let's do this

Although, I'm not going to continue typing that out, it's incredibly more difficult than BEDA.

I'm finally on term 2 holidays, during which I will have three weeks of wonderful, blessed freedom (and the occasional study day [damn it]) and at the end of which I will be 18. SO EXCITED. My dear friend Katie turns 18 on this Monday the 22nd, lucky girl, (incidentally, that's
Colby/Jason's 19th too. Go wish him happy birthday) so we are basically framing the holidays with our 18ths. Except she got the better end.

So, these holidays I'm planning on FINISHING Silver Sky, (at least, finishing the first draft. I think I'll tackle editing it when school is officially over), and also I need to actually finish the first chapter of Chasing Us, which is lying at the moment unceremoniously in a folder on my desktop, in need of love and attention... I'll finish it soon Colby!!

I also plan to sleep, have a small social life and forget that I have to go back to school at the end of it all. Granted, I only have one term left. Then three weeks of term 4, then exams, then I'll be done. DONE!

I'm going to go and read some more. I also want to get through as many books as I can, which I think I'll be tallying here.

See you all tomorrow!

Books read these holidays: 0 (number 1 is in progress)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Goal

Hello everyone!

I'm finding it rather hard to cope with knowing that I still have one week of school left. I feel as if holidays have commenced already, probably because I only had one day of classes last week. My year 12 coordinator said that this week will probably be hard too, damn it! Ah well, it will be great, so great! to have three weeks off.

hmmm. I'm finding it hard to blog about anything interesting right now, which is a pity. I do have things I could talk about but alas, my mind has shut down.

I'm thinking about doing another BEDA-esque project, except this time BEDHWP: Blog Every Day of the Holidays Where Possible. Yes? No? Maybe? I mainly want to do this because BEDA spanned during last school holidays, and it was nice. I enjoyed it. And it forces me to write things that have meaning rather than something such as this every now and again. It's nice to have consistency too. =].

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Re: the title:
I'm waiting for four books to come in the mail. I will somehow need to find time to read them, plus the other four I ordered off Amazon a couple of months ago which I haven't read yet, plus one or two novels for school. Plus various other things. Today I was tempted to buy the complete collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. NO LIV. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

At least I didn't buy it this time. Still, I might go back, it would be a good purchase...

Firstly (secondly?), before I forget, I would love you lovely people to take yourselves over to this blog. He is my friend and has just started blogging. His posts are very nice to read (and I'm not just saying that because I get mentioned heaps :] :P) . He's also a co-author of that novel-I-probably-told-you-about-but-if-I-didn't-then sorry-it's-hard-to-keep-track-so-I'll-tell-you-again-anyway =]. When I asked you all to vote on those names, it was for the title of this collaborative novel, which we have decided to name "Chasing-Us." He has already completed his first chapter, and I'm on the way to completing mine, and it's rather fun.

In other news, I'm currently on a 5-day-weekend, which is lovely, because it feels like forever since I've had a proper break. I spent two days lounging around doing nothing, and Monday-Wednesday I will be/have been seeing friends. I should be working on a 2 minute drama solo, but I really cannot be bothered, even though we're performing Thursday. Meh, 2 minutes is nothing. It's actually almost harder than the end of the year 7 minute solo, which we have to do externally, because it's really difficult to fit in the prescribed content. I'll see how I go. I'll probably begin brainstorming tonight, and work on it tomorrow after I go to the movies.

I caught up with my cousin today, and it made me want to be in Uni already. I want this year to be over. It's going really fast, yes, but I miss having free time, and having my mind away from SACs and practice SACs and essays and not having time to read and only maintaining a social life when there is an off-chance of having a couple of days free because I don't take a science and therefore don't have mid-years. I really need school holidays, I think, so I can unwind and just pretend to have a stress-free life for a while. And then I'll turn 18 anyway (YES!).

Anyway, I know I just need to work through it/ it will be over soon yada yada yada. I can still complain about it =].

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small post for Silver readers

I just posted chapters 23-25 on the livejournal account. These three, like I said, are probably my favourite chapters, so please comment and let me know what you think! The beauty with the internet is that you can anonymously critique too! How awesome is that? haha.

You can read it here

I've got a five day weekend soon so expect actual blogs then.