Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Goal

Hello everyone!

I'm finding it rather hard to cope with knowing that I still have one week of school left. I feel as if holidays have commenced already, probably because I only had one day of classes last week. My year 12 coordinator said that this week will probably be hard too, damn it! Ah well, it will be great, so great! to have three weeks off.

hmmm. I'm finding it hard to blog about anything interesting right now, which is a pity. I do have things I could talk about but alas, my mind has shut down.

I'm thinking about doing another BEDA-esque project, except this time BEDHWP: Blog Every Day of the Holidays Where Possible. Yes? No? Maybe? I mainly want to do this because BEDA spanned during last school holidays, and it was nice. I enjoyed it. And it forces me to write things that have meaning rather than something such as this every now and again. It's nice to have consistency too. =].


Jason McGillan said...


Richard said...

And maybe a chapter or 2 of Silver sky we hope :) ?

Richy. said...

BEDHWP sounds good, work hard this week :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you do go through with this. Congrats on finishing a large chunk of school