Saturday, June 20, 2009

#1 Let's do this

Although, I'm not going to continue typing that out, it's incredibly more difficult than BEDA.

I'm finally on term 2 holidays, during which I will have three weeks of wonderful, blessed freedom (and the occasional study day [damn it]) and at the end of which I will be 18. SO EXCITED. My dear friend Katie turns 18 on this Monday the 22nd, lucky girl, (incidentally, that's
Colby/Jason's 19th too. Go wish him happy birthday) so we are basically framing the holidays with our 18ths. Except she got the better end.

So, these holidays I'm planning on FINISHING Silver Sky, (at least, finishing the first draft. I think I'll tackle editing it when school is officially over), and also I need to actually finish the first chapter of Chasing Us, which is lying at the moment unceremoniously in a folder on my desktop, in need of love and attention... I'll finish it soon Colby!!

I also plan to sleep, have a small social life and forget that I have to go back to school at the end of it all. Granted, I only have one term left. Then three weeks of term 4, then exams, then I'll be done. DONE!

I'm going to go and read some more. I also want to get through as many books as I can, which I think I'll be tallying here.

See you all tomorrow!

Books read these holidays: 0 (number 1 is in progress)

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Anonymous said...

read the books, ride the books, and hook on your journey...