Friday, June 26, 2009

#5 Shorter than I wanted

Of course the time I wanted to make an intense blog post about my day would be the night that I'm tired and can't be bother to type things. DOT POINTS:

  • Woke up, got dressed, ran to meet a friend
  • Saw said friend. Had sushi and donuts. Loved it
  • Returned from seeing previous friend, had txt from another friend, went out to see that friend
  • Saw about five minutes of a Royal Tennis match for the first time in my life. Was intrigued
  • Left friend number two
  • Came home and read
  • Mother and Step-Dad returned from Italy. They came bearing gifts.
  • Tried on gifts
  • Going to go and finish book/start a new one probably
Sorry for vague details but it's late and sleep is needed soonish.

Books read these holidays: 3 (technically #3 isn't finished, but it will be by the time I sleep)


Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

you had txt? ^_^

Anonymous said...

that's what she said!