Monday, June 22, 2009

#3 Waiting for Nails to dry

I'm not altogether sure how successful this post will be, seeing as typing with wet nail polish is not always the best of ideas. However, I don't exactly have the time to wait for them to dry and then type this. So I'm being practical. More for the blog's sake than for my nails.

My driving lesson went rather well. And I pwned the reverse parallel parking yesssss. So I booked my test, which isn't until the 1st September =[ I should've booked it months ago, but ah well. I'm sitting the theory test on Friday, so you can be sure that I'll blog about it.

Anyway, tonight will be short, because I have to continue getting ready for my friend Katie's 18th.

Time for some interaction, perhaps? How are all you guys? Whats new? Any questions for me? I'd love to answer some, as always =]


Books read these holidays: 0 (Almost finished #1)


Alaska said...

you are so lucky, i cannot wait to learn to drive. i get a car and then im free. is it hard? - p

Richard said...

Hi Liv, Had a little too much wine did we ;) for a question, which 3 places would you like to vist and what 3 things would you like to achieve in the next 10 years and why?