Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Re: the title:
I'm waiting for four books to come in the mail. I will somehow need to find time to read them, plus the other four I ordered off Amazon a couple of months ago which I haven't read yet, plus one or two novels for school. Plus various other things. Today I was tempted to buy the complete collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. NO LIV. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

At least I didn't buy it this time. Still, I might go back, it would be a good purchase...

Firstly (secondly?), before I forget, I would love you lovely people to take yourselves over to this blog. He is my friend and has just started blogging. His posts are very nice to read (and I'm not just saying that because I get mentioned heaps :] :P) . He's also a co-author of that novel-I-probably-told-you-about-but-if-I-didn't-then sorry-it's-hard-to-keep-track-so-I'll-tell-you-again-anyway =]. When I asked you all to vote on those names, it was for the title of this collaborative novel, which we have decided to name "Chasing-Us." He has already completed his first chapter, and I'm on the way to completing mine, and it's rather fun.

In other news, I'm currently on a 5-day-weekend, which is lovely, because it feels like forever since I've had a proper break. I spent two days lounging around doing nothing, and Monday-Wednesday I will be/have been seeing friends. I should be working on a 2 minute drama solo, but I really cannot be bothered, even though we're performing Thursday. Meh, 2 minutes is nothing. It's actually almost harder than the end of the year 7 minute solo, which we have to do externally, because it's really difficult to fit in the prescribed content. I'll see how I go. I'll probably begin brainstorming tonight, and work on it tomorrow after I go to the movies.

I caught up with my cousin today, and it made me want to be in Uni already. I want this year to be over. It's going really fast, yes, but I miss having free time, and having my mind away from SACs and practice SACs and essays and not having time to read and only maintaining a social life when there is an off-chance of having a couple of days free because I don't take a science and therefore don't have mid-years. I really need school holidays, I think, so I can unwind and just pretend to have a stress-free life for a while. And then I'll turn 18 anyway (YES!).

Anyway, I know I just need to work through it/ it will be over soon yada yada yada. I can still complain about it =].


Nick said...

Buy the Poe - is Poe, is spooky/good.

I'll definately go and check out the blog, I look forward to seeing the novel - it sounds like a novel (pun *certainly* intended!) idea!

Buy you a drink for the 18th?

TTFN - tata for now!

Richard said...

Hi Liv, I discovered the british online bookshop bookdepository.co.uk
They are close to the same price and range as amazon BUT they deliver FREE to Australia by airmail !

Mango said...

I'm pleased to see the title i voted win :D

Anonymous said...

wanna read aussies too?


Richard said...

Just saw your twitter, you seem very upset or angry about something :(

Richy. said...

Liv, your bookshelf must be bulging by now :p. Amazing.

I just checked out Colby's blog, thanks for the tip. He's got a nice writing style + really interesting subject matter (training ftw). I'm glad to hear the collaborative novel's coming along well too.

[insert segue]... Can't wait to hear about your 18th birthday shenanigans lol... not long now! *passes Liv an I.O.U. for a birthday shot. Just remember... charcoal doesn't taste very nice ;)

Take care, look forward to the next post.

Jason McGillan said...

haha I love how you weren't sure whether to call me "Colby" (my real name, for others reading this) or "Jason" (my blog pseudonym, for other reading this :P).... so you just dodged around it by calling me "My Friend". lol Ambiguity ftw.

haha I might organise a bottle of champagne in your yr 12 fridge for you for your 18th :P