Thursday, November 27, 2008

Failure and France

So I've decided that there's no possible way that I'll be able to finish nanowrimo by the end of the month, or even this year. I'm incredibly mad at myself for not being more dedicated lately, though I know I have good excuses, some which I'll talk about here. I'm sorry to anyone who has been reading my progress, but I really can't continue with it right now.

I'm leaving for France on exchange for six weeks in one week from tomorrow. Regarding this, I'm terrified, excited, apprehensive, sad, and probably every other adjective existing - yet those are the main ones. As you can see only one of those is actually positive, but i would like to point out that excited for me is a huge emotion. Last week I had my exams, during which I still wrote quite a bit, but that's where I began to falter. I thought I would have time to finish my novel this week, but as it turns out, I've been unceasingly busy every single day and won't have any time at all until I leave. Sitting down and trying to write now has just been a nightmare, I suddenly had a huge headache, and looking at my word count of only 27,200 words, I knew I couldn't continue with the time frame I have. So there.

Basically, I've been in the city everyday this week, except Monday when I had a three hour English exam. Tuesday i had the most wonderful time with my beloved cousin Elisa in the city, yesterday I had Speech Night (A night that rewards hard working students and punishes the others with incredibly long speeches and singing which is such a high key it hurts to sing), I've been catching up with friends before I leave, exchanging euros, tomorrow I'll be participating in a coffee-making course which will hopefully look nice and pretty on my resume, then getting a hair cut (eep), this weekend I'm seeing more friends, then monday getting exams back and more friends, tuesday hopefully hopefully seeing Chris, then carols service rehersals wednesday, then seeing a pre-screening of twilight (which I would have missed because I leave before it actually comes out), then thursday is the last day of school (which is a half day), then going into the city to buy beedle the bard, and then Friday I am LEAVING.

That is a sum up of the past four days and of the next seven in front of me. Excluding the small details of course, but it's a lot. So I'm quite stressed at the moment, plus the whole leaving the country thing, and the person that I want to talk to most is far away and it's difficult to talk to them at the moment, because of certain circumstances. So I'm trying to deal, but it's hard.

And now I'm going to post this.

I'd like to clarify that I'm definitely going to be posting blogs while I'm in France, so if you all want to read about that, then you can =] hope you do. Sorry this is so long.

you blink. the day comes. you leave.


Laura B said...

Yeah Liv, great blog.. Sorry you have been sooo busy. Right before you away is always hectic..
Dont stress about Nanarimo, you can try next year!

Have fun in France and I'll be reading..

thelazyage said...

yeah i figured you wouldn't be finishing wrimo and i was really pissed off cause you've started to write a brilliant story and now left us guessing. ARGH!!! WHY!?!

but i guess you got a good excuse, what with exams and france and actually having a life. so i hope you have a great time in france and please, please try to make another video!!!

from adrian (thelazyage)

Richard said...

Liv, relax, You've done a great job :) so far and with all the experiences you're sure to have in France you'll have so much more to draw on won't you !!
I'll pray that everything goes smoothly and you have a wonderful time in France :)
Take care :)

Pops said...

france will take your mind of it all.
deep breaths

Richard said...

I totally agree with Pops ! in fact you need to take several deep breaths have fun

Paul said...

I ony just started reading your blog, and subscribed ot your youtube....

But I am sure that it will be finished in good time, Nanarimo that is.

Well good luck.

Lockedinsidemybody said...

Well I hope you did well in your exams. And I hope you have a great experience in france. Merry Xmas and Happy new years and all that.

Richard said...

While I know all you mexicans are jealous of we who live in Sydney ;)
You are going to France for 6 weeks next Friday - which is just slightly better lol

sandmonkey said...

Where in France are you staying?

...I'll be passing through France on my way to Austria from England.

And I saw Twilight, I was a good film although everything was said in statements, and there weren't many proper conversations

Liv =] said...

I'm staying about 30 mins out of Paris ^_^

Richard said...

Hope you will share your results with us :)

Richard said...

so how were your results ?