Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick Update


I think I've packed everything. I hope so. Don't really want to forget anything.... but i'll just have to deal with that. I've got about 8 books that I'm taking with me, possibly two more depending on whether I finish them before I leave or not. Ohhh, one of those is Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling, I urge everyone to go out and buy it. Proceeds go to charity, and it is just amazing. I've read about two of the short stories so far and I love it. Now I'm rambling, this was supposed to be short and sweet.

I was asked how I went on exams: quite well. Considering I didn't study for my year 11 exams, only for my year 12 one, i got satisfactory marks. Except, I got an A in English, which is a good thing, sure, except I'd wanted to NOT get an A, because i made a deal with myself that I would drop English and only take Literature next year unless I got an A (because it was unlikely, I'm usually a B student when it comes to English). So grrrr. It probably sounds stupid to say I want to drop a subject that i'm moderately good at, but English in Victoria is a terrible course, compared to Literature. I find the latter so incredibly worth while. Ah well, I'll just have to do both.

And now I shall stop writing and go read and then sleep and then go to the airport and the board a plane to Singapore and then board another plane to France.

I'll update when I can!!! BYEBYE!!!


lazyage said...

have great trip (thats like the tenth time i think ive said that, im such a stalker)

and don't worry about dropping subjects you might seem to do good at for those you love. i dropped an A+ subject two weeks into yr12 to pick up a new subject i really wanted to do and it was the best thing i did =)

Nick said...

look, it's worth hanging onto subjects you're good at because, lets face it, marks suddenly become VERY VERY IMPORTANT, but if the subject honestly gives you no joy, and you're not going to try for it then, yeah, dump it I say.