Thursday, December 11, 2008

En France

Bonjour tous les mondes,
I seriously don't know where to begin, so far france is amazing. A lot to get used to though, everything is different. Most of this is good different, the food for example. The cold isn't. It was -2 degrees celcius this morning, so ahhh, freezing. I wont type a long blog today because i really need to get used to this keyboard, it's azerty instead of qwerty and really confusing. More details to come.

à bien tot


lazyage said...

'hello all worlds' what the hell is that? either you're not that great at french or the google translator is very stupid.... i'm guessing it's the latter XD

Anonymous said...

Actually, The translation would be hello all the worlds I believe.
But give her a break, she is in the land of the frogs,and its -2 degrees, enough to give anyone a brain freeze ;) Have a great time Liv :)

Richard said...

Feeling homesick is the Jetlag talking don't worry it will pass especially if the sun comes out :)

Tori said...

you're in a strange country with a strange keyboard!!
oh noes!
sounds like you're having a great time
up the eiffel tower whilst 'twas snowing i hear!!
worthy of a good two page description in a romance novel haha
have a brilliant time and don't go french kissing too many people!!

Richard said...

It will become fun believe me :)
just see it as rich experiences for your next novella :)

thepro82 (Gerry M.) said...
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thepro82 (Gerry M.) said...


Actually, the proper phrase would be 'Bonjour tout le monde' because saying it in plural doesn't sound right.

The phrase translates as 'Hello everyone' (literally 'Hello all the world').

However, I could be wrong since I'm fluent in Quebec French, which is different from European French. Sometimes, I can even get frustrated to the point that I don't even know what's right anymore :(

Have a good time while you're there and remember, learning is ongoing.

Richard said...

Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful happy Christmas :)

lazyage said...

thankyou thepro82, but it was actually just a joke lol XD

Ms.Penny said...

Merry Christmas!