Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wouldn't that be great, to fail on the last day of BEDA? I would be disgusted with myself.

And here I had this whole plan of making some sort of awesome blog (although I hadn't quite worked out
how, I was just hoping it would happen. hmmm) but I have yet another SAC tomorrow which I've been studying for, so I kinda missed the whole opportunity to make this nice and pretty.

So, what happens after BEDA? Well, I think I'm definitely going to keep blogging as much as I can; it's nice to have something like this. BEDA has made me realise how much I actually like blogging, which I'd forgotten about during Term 1 on account of all the lack-of-sleep-and-no-time. But you know, it's worth putting in the effort from time to time for sure. It will just be nice to not have to do it Haha.

Still, it will be awesome being able to look over a whole month whenever I feel the need to reminisce about April 2009.

* * *

Okay I just forgot I was writing this. I went downstairs and had a late dinner with my sister and watched House Bunny before I realised I HAVE TO STUDY!

So my point is that I will not forget about this blog =] it just won't be daily!


Thanks for reading and commenting and basically: <3


Richy. said...

Congrats on hitting the BEDA target Liv, you deserve a rest!'s a pity that study will make that virtually impossible :p

Bec said...

Hey how do you get that poll thing at the bottom of each post? I want one!

Liv said...

Um, it's in the settings somewhere. Wherever you edit the details that show below your picture... you can get to it from your blog page! ah sorry for the vagueness :P

Bec said...