Sunday, April 12, 2009

#12 Road Trip

I drove my mother to Rye today, in an attempt to gain more hours (for my eventual licence). I almost have 70. I need 120. Preferably in 3 months. Ah well. Vic roads is the devil.

Speaking of the devil, or rather, back to the whole religion debate: guys, play nice =]. While I strongly encourage interaction in the comments (and comments in general), at least keep it civil. You all make very strong points. It was great to receive so many comments for my questions post though. I may do another later on in the month.

I was asked what type of writer I want to be.

Hard question as I'm not all that sure myself. I would love to write novels for a living, but it's not something I can do by itself, for financial reasons (unless by some incredible twist of fate I actually sell many books. Then I'd only have to work a little. Unless I become the next J.K Rowling [ha.]. Then I probably wouldn't have to worry about money) so perhaps journalism (although I really, really don't want to) or something of the kind. I want to major in Creative Writing or Literature. And then I'll see where I go.

Anyways, I need to complete a significant amount of reading tonight and actually go to bed before 3am (cough, did that this morning) because tomorrow marks the first day of HOMEWORK WEEK (hereafter 'wop' (week of pain)). I've even written out a schedule and everything. I is organised. Assuming of course that I stick to what I've layed out. We'll see.

I'm going to go and eat more chocolate now.


siena. said...

shit, 120 hours? where i live, you only need 35.

Anonymous said...

cheers siena, you beat me to it. i need 50, and i'm gettin my L's thursday :D.
Liv, write short stories :) start small.
well, i'm going to write a musical (try, more like). should be fun :D

Richard said...

If you have a passion for creative writing, and others think that you do have a talent - which we do don't we folks ! Then keep developing your craft. At all costs try to avoid a job that you hate, that will make your life a drudge and sap your creativity

Kartar said...

As someone who partially writes for a living (four books so far) I can assure you that you need a backup job. Writing makes me some money but not enough to live off. And as the partner of a journalist, you won't find a lot of dollars in that either. Although it is a fun job if you work for someone good. If you are online savvy though they do tend to get excited about people with skills on this newfangled Internet thing.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. Just bear in mind though, as Kartar said, there isn’t much money in journalism, even for the best of them. My friend Laura got nearly 98 in yr 12, did journalism at RMIT, got great grades then had to move to Wagga Wagga in rural NSW to find work at a local paper (which is where most newspaper journalists work). She gets paid $38,000 a year. It will probably take her a couple of years experience to be able to work at a local paper in Melbourne. Her paper has stories like “Local Dog Wins Lottery” which was actually a story about a dog who received some spam mail that everyone in the town got, you know those letters claiming you have won a million dollars but are just trying to suck you into subscribing to a pyramid scheme or some such? That sort of thing. So just be aware of the sacrifices. Maybe you will strike it rich with a novel, but it is so hard, some great novelists get rejected for years before being successful.