Friday, April 24, 2009

#24 Injections Muddle and beFuddle the Brain

Hello. I'm writing this to you from a state of rather interesting hazyness. Vagueness. Tiredness. Need I continue? It's because today I had a Flu shot and my third dose of Gardasil which means:

1. I'm protected from the devil known as Influenza this year;

2. I am now completely cervical cancer repellent;

3. I will never have to get another painful needle related to preventing cervical cancer (it really hurts. I could barely feel the Flu shot in comparison);

4. I now feel woozy etc because the Flu Vaccine is a bitch, and you apparently have to go through some nice physical pain before you can be protected for a year. Awesome.

On that note, I'm going to go and read, sleep and wake up to find my football team has prevailed (hopefully...)


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I hate needles :-(


Richard said...

I don't like needles much either, But I've not experienced any side effects from a flu shot, sorry you do. Listened to the mcdonalds clip,
you have my deepest sympathy lol
You'll have to wash your brain out with a good book after the play is over :)

jasonmcgillan said...

You know, half the time flu shots don't even work. Come to think of, every year that I have had a flu shot I have got the flu at some stage, and every year that I didn't I avoided the darn thing.... ahh well.

What football team to you follow?

Liv =] said...

St. Kilda. AND WE WON! *dances* (we haven't been top of the ladder for a very very long time)