Monday, April 6, 2009

#6 Good Voice Bad Voice

My sister and I just spent about an hour taking pictures for teh dailybooth (it took so long because we couldn't agree on a picture). It was funtimes.

In other news, judging from the feedback left in the little boxes about my last post, not all of you are that keen about me posting mystical things and questioning life etc. That's fine, I'll try not to write too many of those. I was in one of those moods, you know?

Basically today and yesterday have been spent doing a lot of reading, and I've made a small dent. That's nice.

Although, wait, it's not a dent. I forgot, I bought three books over last night :S. It was one of those self-conflict conversations where the bad voice won:

"Liv. Look at them, all three of them. Imagine, receiving them in the mail, all new and shiny."

"DON'T LISTEN TO HER LIV. You already have a mounting pile of new, beautiful, fresh novels just waiting to be read."

"Suuuure, listen to Miss. Perfect, I bet she doesn't have any new books. I bet she sits around reading the same story over and over and..."

"Guys, I think we should look at the situation from a neutral persp-"

"Shut up YOU!!"
"Shut up YOU!!"

Screamed Good and Bad in unison, untited in the prospect of avoiding another conversation with *shudder* Neutral.


Yes. Anyway. Moving on.

I'd like to take this moment to say: Yes Nick, that moment was epic. The conga line especially. Haha do you remember Frankie making everyone create their own moves? That was funny. Ahh the times (that was a response to a commenter whom I know IRL. Though haven't seen in agesssssss =[ )

Alright, obviously I'm in a rather strange mood. Probably from all the Chocolate consumed today with my friend Emily.


lazyage said...

oi liv, how did you link your dailybooth to your blog?

Richard said...

Liv, may I remind you that its your blog not your follower's blog !
If you feel like asking questions about life then do it !

Fwanc said...

Hey I'm Frankie!
Probably not the Frankie that you are thinking off *slinks to the floor in dissapointment*

Anyways, just like to say hi, and keep up the good work. I <3 it!

~ Frankie

Nick said...

Ha! How could I forget?

Eat more chocolate.

Oh, and listen to Bad Liv. She sounds fun ^-^