Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm writing a blog a lot earlier than usual as I kinda need to get it out of the way. I have to write an English Oral at some point this evening, and I figure it best to do this blog when I'm not completely frustrated at myself. See, now I'm still in a good mood. And feeling a lot better, thank you. =]. Although I woke up with a sore arm, feeling rather nauseous :S it's passed. My arm is still sore.

Anyway, my football team (st. kilda) WON. HELL to the YES. By about 80 points too. Yayness.

Gah I didn't know what to type so I wrote out the whole McDonalds Menu song (had to memorise for my Drama Ensembles) which I learnt in about 20 minutes with the help of Gunther and the lyrics. Then I deleted it because I don't want to advertise Macca's on this blog.

Okay I was just reminded of a story from France! yay

Probably my best food experience of the whole trip was our four days in Paris at the beginning. This was mainly because the breakfast they served us at the hotel was AMAZING, and because we were allowed to go off by ourselves for lunch. One day we spent about thirty precious minutes (we had an hour) walking around Chatlet des Halles (a huge shopping center that has everything except food, we found out) trying to find somewhere to eat, before we emerged onto the snowy streets and found a cute little pasta cafe.

We walked into a rather large and expensive restaurant on our first day but didn't realise how expensive it was because A) we were jet-lagged and B) we just assumed it was the normal price range in Paris (I think I was charged about 20 euros for a club sandwich, about $AU40 :S But it was worth it. So worth it.)

I walked out of Paris with pretty good memory of the cuisine, so you can imagine my excitement when told by my host family we would be taking a day-trip there. We'd walked around for most of the morning when my host-father declared lunch, so I happily trotted after them, in a state of mean hunger. And where did they take me, amoung all the wonderful patisseries and boulangeries and cafes and escargot-fancy places? You've probably guessed. McDonalds.
"Eet iz an hoppourtunitee foar you to taste zhe differahnce" said my host-father, obviously thinking it was a treat for me to try McDonalds a la France. The only thing I got out of that experience was the knowledge that Australian McDonalds is better than French McDonalds. Then I felt disgusting for the rest of the day, and found it pretty hard to enjoy myself.

Sorry it's not really a happy ending :P I just wonder, WHYYY??? Urgh. Now I have the menu song stuck in my head. If anyone needs to know an item from the 1990's Maccas menu, let me know, I can tell you what it is. (not much has changed, really.)


Richard said...
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Richard said...

Lol I did warn you about that song.
Try thinking of a few new plot lines
And wow that was early for you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fwanc said...

OooOo! I'm going to Paris soon, I'll keep in mind not to visit the Paris Macca's then! :)

Anonymous said...

you'd like this!

sorry, if you already knew it.

Richy. said...

Ahhh, McGlobalisation. At least you still have the option of a $40 club sandwich when traveling ;). More France stories, s'il vous plait.

Glad the nausea has passed, pity about the arm. Gardasil's slogan should be "Gardasil - because girls can never be too nauseous".