Saturday, April 18, 2009

#18 100th Post?

I have to apologise profusely for yesterday's blog. It was rather... bland, you could say. The fault is my own*, see, I meant to write a proper blog earlier than what actually eventuated, but I have this habit of writing blogs rather late at night.

If you're Australian, you probably would have noticed this by now. Unless you go to bed early and presume that I write blogs early in the morning. Except that the time I post is recorded. So you all would know the time I post.


Sorry, back to the point. I ended up having to rush in order to get ready for a get-together with my lovely friends - hence part 1 of said blog. Part 2 was when I arrived home exhausted and could barely type.

So I bet you're thinking, "Well, at least she had a good night sleep."

So you would think! my fair readers**. Yet, I'm sorry to say, I was detrimentally kept awake until 3:00am (okay it didn't cause me harm but I was tired) by my best friend, whom I called in answer to a wild plea for help. Here is the ratio of advice and discussion about her problem, to friendly chit-chat: 10/90***.

It would be mendacious of me to say I did not enjoy the conversation. I did. I was just asleep for probably 20% of it.

And there concludes my lavishly detailed excuse (and a little extra story) about why yesterday, my blog sucked.

* * *

Ha. That was fun. I definitely did not plan for that to become some pompous story :P. Always a joy to exercises my new vocabulary words**** that we were given as optional homework for Lit.

I've been eating way too much chocolate cake. My sister made some yesterday while I was out. It's the best cake ever (if you've heard of Nigella Lawson then you'd understand. Google her =])

I just saw that this is my 100th post! *celebrates*


*whose fault would it be? Duh Liv.
** capitalisation use intentional
*** or in other words, it was 'one big gossip/catch up session'
**** in this case, word...
***** sorry about the footnotes(?)


Nick said...

Congrats on a 100 posts - heres to a 100 more like them!

creativemachine said...

hey Liv... just wondering how Silver Sky is going... kinda looking forward to reading the rest of it :) No rush if ur busy, but i'm kinda hanging on the edge of my seat here, and my muscles are starting to cramp a little... maybe another chapter soon?

jasonmcgillan said...

Congrtulations on a centenary of blogging!

Anonymous said...

your sister is Nigella Lawson... that explains everything!

A noni-moose! said...

Wow I soo can't wait until you post drunk Liv! Make sure you leave room for a post after some late-night Melbournian shennanigans.


ejoy1 said...

hehehe do you know who i am.. i will give you i clue:
i LOVE chocolate milkshakes and watching 17 again!
i can not believe it took you 100 posts until i read your blog
see you tuesday

Chatabox Girl said...

Congrats on 100 posts!