Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#28 A Vote

Hello! Before I get started, I have a question. Answers are most appreciated, as this is actually really important... =D

Which one:
"Junction"; "The Crossroad(s)"; "Focal Point"; "Chasing Us"; "The Hunt"

(The answer isn't anything that can be googled, and it's not some strange test, haha.)

Thank you!!!!


What to talk about today? I had a couple of giggle fits at school , one in French class talking about, well, we'll see if I can even bring myself to mention it; and the other talking about Cows and how their milk should be chocolate flavoured and correspond to the Cow's coat: e.g. Brown Cow = Milk Chocolate. We also decided that if you shake the cows, and you get Chocolate Milk Shakes. If the Cows are from the Swiss Alps, they will make chocolate ice-cream. Haha. Katie, we are awesome :P (I had to write this down so that I could remember the hilarity's of this year :P <3). style="color: rgb(255, 153, 0);">Anyway, today in French we just tried to discuss things, in French (go figure). My teacher asked me if there were any serious social issues (or something) at the moment, and because I couldn't think about anything in school per say, I just said, "er, la grippe porcine...?"
In other words: Swine Flu. Which is basically a scary thought right now, and I hope that everyone who reads this is safe/everyone you know is safe =] Just don't go near coughing people :P

That's not actually the point of my story. My point is where my French teacher lead the conversation. We began talking about eating meat; why people become vegetarian; should we cut down on how much Cow we eat to reduce carbon emissions? - then he asked us, why do we eat Cows, instead of say, Dogs?
From a philosophical point of view, and nothing to do with culture etc (he wasn't telling us we should eat dogs, he was just saying, well, if we can eat cows, why not dogs?) and then we moved on to cultures that say, worship cows, and actually eat dog. And then he brought up... Urgh. Well, who's heard of the Scientology-method of childbirth and what they eat after the baby is born? I really don't want to say it. Basically, it ended with my French teacher leaping away from his computer in horror after searching "Cooking recipes" for this particular...delicacy, and the class in hysterics.

I love days like this.


Nick said...

They're awesome, but sadly all too rare.

J said...


Anonymous said...


Also, we eat cows because they are stupid. Dogs are smart and have personality, cows do not. Yes, we should eat all dumb animals. Including dumb humans. The advantages are, no more stupid humans and we save a few cows, keeping the vegetarians happy.

Also, Scientology is fucked up. More so then say... Jews

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome day you forget the date? :) #28
What were you talking about? Do tell. :)
Chasing Us


Richard said...

Hi, Crossroads, so whats this all about ?.
Also I much prefer Dark chocolate, does that mean I need a black cow ;)

While I might have some sympathy with Anon's view of Scientology, I have difficulty with his other views. Many people could indeed conceivably consider them dumb, so will he be the first to go under his regime ? :)

writer. girl on road said...


what's that about?


sylvie xoxo

lazyage said...

im gonna go for 'chasing us' just so it's dead even =P haha

mittopotahis said...

I currently have the vote which decides which one, Junction Crossroads or Chasing Us? Hmmmm. Focal Point. =P

I had decided on Focal Point before seeing the results, I'm not just a jerk.

Richy. said...

Junction :)

Crossroads was the title of a Britney Spears movie, wasn't it?

Sidenote: I'm feeling a sudden craving for chocolate milk... are you using NLP on us Liv? =P

The dog vs. cow debate is pretty funny. It reminds me of my day trips to Hainan Island and Macau when I was in Hong Kong. You might find it amusing.

I was in Macau, I believe, when a couple of Chinese expats we were with, started giggling - it turned out that the sign outside a factory we had just passed, said 'Dog Meat Shop'. To this day, I don't know whether something was lost in translation or it did in fact mean 'dog meat'. Ew.

Something to ponder... What is the amount of meat yielded from a cow, versus a dog? I can only assume the % of edible meat on a steer is far higher than on a shih-tzu, pound for pound. I guess the question is, which one requires the least feed & produces the least emissions, per lb of meat?

Considering Google has failed me on that one, I'm calling it a day :-). Cows ftw.

lazyage said...

hey, im not a jerk mitto!

...well maybe just a little

Robin L. Harwood said...

Richy as you should know, dogmeat is a delicasy in both China, Vietnam and Korea but not Japan.
The latter is high on seafood and meat there is very expensive if not prohibitive.


Richy. said...

Robin, you make a very good point there. I just find the thought disturbing, but that's a cultural bias.

I'm not sure if the statistic is accurate or not, but I saw a report stating that South Koreans consume upwards of 2 million dogs per annum... which seems incredible. The more I think about it, however, that can't go very far with a ~48m population.

For the most part I love those respective cuisines, but will give dog meat a miss :), much as I would an Ortolan in France.

From what I've read of practices in the countries where dog meat is widely consumed, those animals are raised not unlike chickens - which I suppose should negate some of the 'pet' stigma on my part.

thepro82 (Gerry M.) said...

I don't know why, but I'll go with Junction.

Anonymous said...

chicken, pigs etc are smart too anyway - never less than cats and dogs but they are not support to serve to their masters the humans. live with the cows and you'll know why Hindus worship them.





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