Thursday, April 9, 2009

#9 You guyz get to ask me thingz

Through my browsing of other BEDAs, I've noticed a lot of Q&As implemented in many a blog. The most prominent of these is probably John Green, who has been answering questions in every single blog he has written (and will continue to do so). Which is fantastic, with him being one of my favourite authors and all.

So I figured they look like fun. except:

I'm putting my own spin into it.

Basically, what I'm asking of you guys, if you are interested in this aspect of my blog, is to give me a topic to write a short story about. It could be anything from say, a descriptive piece about a toothpick, to something deeper. If you want you could provide me with a structure or storyline. I think it would be really fun!

And, if you just have a question, you can ask me that. Or you can do both =].

So it would be really nice to get some questions/story-starters. Depending on how many I get, it may go on for more than one blog post. So, get going!! :D


Anyways, today I went and had the best milkshake of my life. If you live in Melbourne, then they can be found in Camberwell. My friend Eliza and I took them with us into 17 Again, which wasn't actually all that bad. I thought it would be a generic, mundane film in which Zac Effron flaunts his biceps (not that would be all that bad...) and "acts." I actually didn't think him capable of really acting without a backing track, but he did a pretty good job. I mean, it would be difficult, playing a 37 year old man trapped in his 17 year old (hot) self, in some bizarro situation where an old gremlin man has changed his life course (that's not really the plot. Well, kind of.). I have to say though, as I did in my tweet: I prefer Matthew Perry. Probably because I loved him in 'Friends,' which is one of my all-time favourite shows. Yeah. Anyway, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes, but is not restricted to, chick-flicks. If that makes sense. If you only like chick-flicks then you'd really love this movie.

Bye Guys! Don't forget to leave me material!


Richard said...

Hi Liv, I'll take up your challenge and ask a question and give you a plot line :)
1st as it is Easter, I'D like you to read Mark's gospel in the Bible and than then tell me who does Mark say Jesus is :)

Plot line : very attractive girl in her early 30's intelligent & caring soul unable to find a good man, has a series of female flatmates who all get married and leave.. will she find her man ?

Anonymous said...

Ok Liv, I dare you to write a story including the following items:

A Tortoise
A Plaster Cast
A Street Sign
An Umbrella
A debate about Pokemon cards
A woman who sells doughnuts
An Alien named "I"
A house made entirely of Tofu
A pair of cargo pants
An obstruction of justice

Any other information you care to include.

Set in Reykjavik, Iceland in the 1920's.

Best of luck.

Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

if it was mandated on the next aussie census that everyone had to describe what their belief or non belief in god was in no more than three or four paragraphs, but do it with a twist, make it romanticised, or embellish it in metaphors of visions of hope and/or doom.

Anonymous said...

Miss Liv
I had a cat who decided to run away when i moved house. Where did he go? Maybe you could think of a story with a happy and put me at ease. :)
Blow my mind