Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#29 Explanation

I was going to write a short blog post today as I'm tired and have an oral to practice, but then I remembered today is the SECOND LAST DAY OF BEDA! Wow. I'm not even sure if it's gone fast or not. Probably because I haven't exactly Blogged Every Day during any other month, so there's nothing to compare it to.

So here's an explanation to yesterdays question:

The general verdict:

Junction: 4

Chasing Us: 2

The Crossroad: 2

Focal Point: 1

The Hunt: 0


Hmm. Well, hmmm. I'll have to talk to Colby about this.

"But who is Colby?" you all must be wondering. (Except for Colby. He knows who he is.)

Well Colby is the co-author of a collaborative novel that will apparently be called "Junction" but I still prefer "Focal Point." Anyway, we met through this blog and became friends pretty much straight away, and have been planning this little collab-novel right from the start. We won't be posting the chapters up for you guys (sorry =] you'll just have to buy it :P) unless we decided that maybe one or two can go out for some opinions.

I might write out the plot line that we've come up with one day, but at the moment I think it best to keep it under wraps. Secrecy can be necessary (and fun!). I'm really looking forward to starting this. Obviously as a side project cause Year 12 (as you all know very well from countless complaints by moi) is HARDDDDDDDDD.

I'd better go and practice! See you guys tomorrow for the final BEDA!


ah this is still rather short. Play rehearsal wasn't that painful today. Probably because we didn't have to go on the bunks. And we didn't get yelled at. yay.


Richy. said...

I had a feeling it was for the title. Good stuff Liv!

Instead of posting up the chapters, perhaps some teasers - like your post on Passage to India the other day - short, intriguing excerpts to leave your audience wanting more.

You could post the blurb + a couple of excerpts, initially, then a new excerpt each fortnight/month leading up to the book's release. for thought anyway :). Early days, I know. Keep your head down with year 12 - glad to see the project's alive & well.

Richard said...

We should have guessed something like that - although I think your sample was too small to name your book on that basis . Before publishing his first book a friend of mine gave me the first chapter he sent to the publishers to get my reaction .. you could do the same :)

jasonmcgillan said...

:D I love getting mentioned on this thing. Remember our deal... a new video this week or your followers will be learning a lot more about me :P