Thursday, April 16, 2009

#16 Is this inspiration? Is this nausea?

I have the strangest feeling right now. My body is buzzing with this urge to write something but I can't express it. WHY? URGH.

It like my creativity has been bottled up inside me and for some reason it can't and won't be released. I'm filled to the brim with adrenaline, I feel helpless and tired. Sure, it'll pass. Why not, we all go through mad rushes of feelings. And there has been absolutely nothing at all to spur it on, it just happened. This evening.


Just got back from helping my sister duct-tape her computer back together. Hasn't changed anything.

The real problem is that I have the inspiration, but I can't be bothered to use it. Call me lazy or what-not but I actually have my reasons for not wanting to do anything right now. I'm not going to tell you because I don't want to be hypocritical and tell a story when after just saying I don't want to write one.

Wow this tone is rather condescending. Don't mean to be. Better stop.

Sorry for this crap/really bizarre mood. Back to normal tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Liv, as a writer you must capitalise on the feelings. You needn't feel happy to write, and if you are feeling down, perhaps it will allow you to write like you've never written before. Some of the best pieces of writing are dark-themed. You seem to have a lot on your mind, and if you believe you may be inspired, don't hesitate to write! Perhaps for one as gifted as yourself, writing is easy, but true inspiration comes and goes.
When I feel such inspiration, I physically leap at the chance. I sit at a paper (i'm old fashioned) until I have written something I believe to be worthwhile. Otherwise, I feel disappointed. In any case, I hope all is okay. It was not my intention to rant and rave, I just sometimes get carried away when I'm writing something I care about. I shall stop now.

Nick said...

Maybe it's a bit of both...

Inspiration and expression are two entirely different things -many is the time I've found myself cursing my inability to express the inspiration I feel, to do it justice with mere words upon a page.

Maybe it's that you have an idea that's time hasn't come yet - you have the outline, the shape, but not the thing itself.

What I sometimes find, when I sit down to write, is that while I'll have an AWESOME idea for a character, or a plot, or a twist, I'll have absolutely NO IDEA how to use them AT ALL.

So I write the idea down, and then I come back to them. I've got notebooks full of the stuff.

Don't worry, it'll come to you!

Regarding "Twilight" - I see two options: 1) some sort of meet where you do a Playschool style book reading, or 2) you record yourself reading a chapter, or something.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liv, Your blog is pretty cool. Please read I would appriciate that very much.

LOVE GABI :) said...

Thank you so much for the advice :)
And yessss a shout out in your next blog would be so good. Your pretty pro at this I must say, leaving me feeling slightly amateur haha but thank you for having a look and giving me some ideas!
Thank you,

Evan_wallace said...

Lathargy is awesome, so is ability to spell.

Anyway, when i read this i was just picturing you lying upside-down on a couch, thats what i normally do when im in those weird moods.

Sorry im being random.. Hi =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liv,

If your trying too hard then your mind just wont flow, you will just scare your creativity off. You seem to be trying to hunt your creativity down and display its rich meats lavishly on exhibition for all the world to see. That’s just the thing, your creativity knows all the most creative places in your mind to hide so you can’t hunt it, you have to let it come to you. True, you can tame it to a degree (and feeding it knowledge never goes astray) but ultimately it comes on its own terms, when and if it wants to respond to your summons. We think of the mind as a holistic entity but that’s not how it really is, its more like a team of different parts, hence the difficulty in obtaining its full cooperation at times. Ok that comment made about 16% sense.

Take it easy

Anonymous said...

True inspiration guides us towards doing incredible things, inspiration that leads to no action is but a dream.

carlosinoz said...

ummm...that was me in that last anon post, sorry about that I know how annoying anonymous posts are, forgot to log my bad. (and this comment was a total misuse of your comment space, sorry again!)