Saturday, April 4, 2009

#4 Corrections

Yes. I had sex with a " red head guy with glasses who [I] had only known for 3 minutes and now [I'm] regretting it", then decided to sneakily mention it in a blog post through heavily layered clues. /sarcasm (edit: which of course means NO, i didn't do it.)

Honestly. How stereotypical can you get? If I'd done something stupid such as that then I don't think I would've had the mindset to blog about it. I obviously wasn't that drunk if i could write a blog post that made (some sort of) sense.

So please refrain from leaving suggestive comments such as that in the future, because if I don't specifically say it, then you shouldn't assume it.

Now that that's out of the way, I can say sorry for my last blog. I know that usually while intoxicated I tend to speak my mind, I didn't realise I would also write my mind.

Anyway, last night was rather fun. It was just a small gathering of about 20-30 people, mainly those who partake in High School plays/musicals. Such as myself.

Oh! I never mentioned, I got into Pirates of Penzance! Not that I actually told anyone here that I auditioned, because if I didn't get in then it would have been rather awkward telling people, or being asked about it. Anyway, as there are only 4 female Main Roles, and they are pretty much all Sopranos, I knew there was not a chance in hell of me getting a part. Getting into the show at all was a relief, as about 40 girls auditioned and only 16 got in, not including the four main girls. yay.

Back to my story. Basically, when you have a group of teens in a room with a piano, and there has been drinking, (Actually this happens even without alcohol. But it was funnier this time) you get some pretty awesome singing. The guys who had some musical talent played some songs, and we all gathered round and sang. It was brilliant. And then, the best part:

There was also an iPod connected to the speakers. A song came on. A song we all knew and loved. We congregated in this huge group circle and started completely belting along to Bohemian Rhapsody. Possibly the most epic 6 minutes of my life.

So I'm wondering, has there been a moment with you, say at a music concert or a party, when you've thought, wow, did that just happen? [this question isn't phrased particularly well. Sorry]

I have a couple of those moments. I might save them for another time.



Ron Howard said...

Your recollection of events is different from myne.

Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

at least some ppl are having sex...

lazyage said...
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Brian79 said...

LOL! You took that way too serious!! You’re a geek and you admit it. No geek I know of would ever do a one night stand, espeshially not with another geek and after 3 minutes? Lol, it was a joke duh. But im sorry, I forgot you so young.

Richard said...

Did the jackpot include chocolate ?
Do you like Dark or Milk?

Kartar said...

@Brian79 - you know the wrong geeks then.

Nick said...

There was a moment...

It was backstage at a High School Musical. We were about to go on for the opening act. We all needed to psych up.

And then, a song came on. A musical flashback. It was by Maxine Nightingale.

It was "Right Back To Where We Started From".

And then! The conga lines! The singing! You should have been there!

Oh wait - you were!

Also - where are people pulling this "one night stand" thing from? There are plenty of things you can do drunk that don't involve shagging.