Thursday, April 23, 2009

#23 Pain

Wow this is so early to be writing a blog. 7:00pm, what's with that? Sorry about yesterday's brief post, I was too tired/sore to think clearly. Plus I was annoyed; this Play is driving me insane. I regret ever wanting to be a part of it. Not only is it painful to sit through rehearsals, but it is now painful to rehearse.

We have these WW2 style bunk beds, which are probably exactly the same as what the prisoners had. Why? Because they HURT to sit on. They hurt to lie on. They are painful to look at. The fact that we were wearing really thin school dresses meant that the wood panels practically sliced through and marked our legs. I have a bruise on my arm. I had a splinter (which would have served its life quite well as a toothpick) thrust into my palm when I accidentally dragged my hand along the bunk climbing down.

Besides that, I'm adapting back into the rhythm of school life, although this Term has already proved more stressful than the last, just with the prospect of work ahead.

It's always difficult to pick a favourite class with my subjects because they are all
brilliant, but I have to say, sitting in Literature makes my heart sing. I'm not sure if it's the discussion of our novels, or listening to my classmates all speak so intently about pretty much any subject we come up with (tangents are a prominent factor in Lit class) or just my quintessential teacher... who knows.

I was going to talk about the novel we are currently studying but I actually have to get back to studying.

And with the stories, I'm not sure when I'll have time to write some out. They take a lot of time up that I don't have. We'll see. My problem this weekend is that I have rehearsal for SEVEN HOURS on Sunday, so I have to complete all my homework on Saturday. Urgh.


Nick said...

Yikes - seven hours? Was Godspell ever for that long?

Actually, now I think about it, it probably was. Still, we didn't have those bunks.

Ouch. Hope the hand isn't too sore.

yesnointernet said...
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Richard said...

Hi Liv, sorry for your pain. In Swahili they have a word 'pole' which means I'm sorry for your misfortune /pain without imputing any responsibility for said pain on the speaker.
I'm sure the pain of rehearsal will be worth it on the night. I'm sure you will let us know :)
Great to know that you enjoy school and so many of your classes are brilliant. Most students I know have a totally different view :) and might have one or two great classes

Anonymous said...

student gets hw sick. fish get seasick.

well, no pain no gain.
sometimes too much pain and too little to gain.
we're just our own experiment ...

Anonymous said...

It amuses me how you can speak of your school and the stresses of work in such an adverse manner then proceed to add that your classes are all brilliant :). I guess you like pain - it seems that way. Keep your head up Liv

Richy. said...

That bed sounds like, for want of a non-nerdspeak word, fail! Hope you survive :)

Just think... what beauty would you see in the world, without wooden daggers jabbing at you, and the like?

Hope Lit. continues to inspire, looking forward to hearing about the new novel.

Oh, and good luck with the rehearsal!