Monday, March 30, 2009


Here's some good news. Or some bad news, depending on your opinion of me and my blogs. Recently Maureen Johnson (A wonderful Nerfighter/Author if you don't know of her) declared that she is starting Blog Every Day April. I have decided to try this too. So you're either going to be rather happy about this, or annoyed. In which case I'm sorry =]. But I think setting myself a goal at this time of the year will be good for me, and who knows, maybe for you guys too! (plus, the majority of BEDA is during school holidays so I'm actually going to have time to do it!!!)

So yes, I will be frequenting this place quite a bit over the next month. Join me, will you?



lazyage said...

$10 bucks says she wont do it

Anonymous said...

definatly gonna try for that blog thingy

Robin L. Harwood said...

Oh how I wish I could blog every day but in reality I am too lazy.